Supergirl: Kara

After six seasons, lots of monsters, game nights and Balcony Conversations™, Supergirl’s run comes to end. The show is reported to have ended over falling ratings, major delays and complications from the Coronavirus (I guess even Supergirl isn’t immune, get your shots!). This final season has been about Nxyly, Lex, and the race to control…

Supergirl: It’s a Super Life!

        I’ve had a few episodes with the writing and choices on Supergirl at times. This week’s episode both proved to be of better quality, and showed that the work environment must be pretty good. A lot of characters who have left the show come back for this episode, and that’s not something you see a lot.

Supergirl: Not Kansas

Last episode ended on a serious cliffhanger/start of a fight, and “Not Kansas” picks up in exactly that spot. Supergirl and Mon-El, just back from their unexpected Argo City vacation, arrive just in time for a major fight with Reign in Lena’s lab.

Supergirl: Trinity

The fight with the World Killers is building to something truly impressive as we see in “Trinity.” After so many secrets were revealed last episode, Lena Luthor is being questioned by the DEO, especially Supergirl, Alex, and J’Onn.

Supergirl: Of Two Minds

Supergirl and company start off with a scene that will make you not want a cookie for a while. After that, they go back to following up on the dead birds that were raining down at the end of last episode.