Agents of SHIELD: The New Deal

The Agents of SHIELD have been through a lot. Spinning out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even having a few guest stars from the MCU, the agents have drifted further and further from the movies, and the hoped-for crossover, or at least connection, with the now defunct Marvel/Netflix shows never happened. The show itself…

Jessica Jones: I Did Something Today

Last episode ended with the shocking death of Dorothy Walker, and Trish going to get her revenge on Salinger. Jessica, guided by both her own moral code and her love for Trish, stopped her sister from doing something she couldn’t come back from and got her out of there. Now, there will be repercussions, heightened tension, and a lot of trying to manage fallout.

Jessica Jones: AKA Camera Friendly

    After two seasons of various superpowered foes, Jessica’s being put through the wringer by Gregory Salinger, a man with no powers, no conscience, but lots of smarts and cunning. Based loosely on the comic book villain Foolkiller, Salinger is matching wits with our hero and her allies, and at the very least coming to a draw so far.

Punisher: The Whirlwind

        It’s been a long, bumpy road, but the end is finally here. Russo, armed and unstable, is one faction; the Schultzes, all their money, power, and influence, personified by the relentless John Pilgrim, are another; and Frank Castle and a small group of allies are the third.

Jessica Jones: The Double Half Wappinger

   After a few false leads and red herrings, it seems the season’s big bad has been revealed as Gregory Sallinger, a man with no powers but some very disturbing hobbies. In some ways, he may be one of the more dangerous foes Jessica has faced, especially with all the “help” she can stand from Trish.

Jessica Jones: AKA Sorry Face

               Last episode ended with a grisly discovery and a narrow escape for Jessica. Psycho-killer that he is, you have to grant Salinger is clever, and that was actually a fairly simple but effective deathtrap.