Arrow: Thanksgiving

You can tell when it’s getting towards the end of the year, because you get a Thanksgiving episode, closely followed by a Christmas episode, on a lot of shows. Well, Arrow isn’t even subtle with the title, “Thanksgiving,” although it’s not exactly a gather ‘round the table kind of celebration.

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Arrow: Promises Kept

Things get complicated in “Promises Kept” on Arrow. A lot of the episode deals with Slade Wilson’s family history, which is a bit complicated on this show, and even more so if you’re familiar with his comic book history, which receives some major alterations here.

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Arrow: Deathstroke Returns

Deathstroke? Hey, I’m back too…

The episode “Deathstroke Returns” starts off from a different point of view. Specifically, we see Councilwoman Pollard, who only seems to exist to oppose whatever Mayor Queen is doing and generally be a pain in his ass, through a gunsight.

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Arrow: Reversal

Arrow’s current season continues with “Reversal.” It does bring together a few different threats, and sees the return of one of my least favorite characters from last season. Team Arrow has a lot to handle, and they need to get a better handle on things than they do. The episode starts off at some big…

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Arrow: Tribute

Last episode ended with the very public revelation that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. Again. What is this, like the third time this has happened? Fourth?

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Arrow: Lian Yu

Season 5 of Arrow comes to an end with “Lian Yu.” That is, of course, the place Oliver allegedly spent his “five years in hell…” when he wasn’t in Hong Kong or Russia. It also later became Oliver’s personal super-prison, holding Deathstroke Slade Wilson and Captain Boomerang Digger Harkness. In the comics, Lian is the name of Roy Harper’s daughter, sort of Oliver’s granddaughter, who died an utterly pointless tragic death that angered many fans.

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