Punisher: The Whirlwind

        It’s been a long, bumpy road, but the end is finally here. Russo, armed and unstable, is one faction; the Schultzes, all their money, power, and influence, personified by the relentless John Pilgrim, are another; and Frank Castle and a small group of allies are the third.

Punisher: The Dark Hearts of Men

  Billy Russo is on the loose, building an army of criminally inclined, disaffected military veterans. The Schultz family is willing to do anything to keep their secrets and further their political reach and influence. Both of those groups are coming after Frank Castle, for different reasons. Anyone think going after Castle is a good idea?

Punisher: Flustercluck

It’s been a busy season for the Punisher, as Frank and company have to deal with multiple threats. It’s a rough time to be anywhere near Frank Castle, and that shows from the first scene of this episode forward.

Punisher: My Brother’s Keeper

The Russo plotline has been getting a bit more attention the last few episodes than the mess with Amy being hunted by the Schultz family. Last episode ended with a burst of gunfire as Castle and Curtis went after Russo and his gang of dangerous vets. “My Brother’s Keeper” starts where that ended, with lead…

Punisher: One Bad Day

        The second season of Punisher hits the rough halfway point with “One Bad Day,” which describes things for a lot of the characters. Then again, most of them have more than one.