Supergirl: Stranger Beside Me

        I thought the season premier of Supergirl was disappointing. Honestly, I disliked and/or disagreed with almost every choice they made. The second episode was a bit better, but honestly, that bar is practically subterranean.

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Titans: Aqualad

            Last episode of the Titans ended with a serious cliffhanger, Jason Todd getting captured through a combination of overconfidence and poor planning. To prolong the suspense, this episode ignores that situation entirely, being set roughly five years ago.

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Supergirl: Event Horizon

    In the fifth season of Supergirl, there are a lot of changes to the show. I have to say, overall, I don’t care for the ones I’ve seen so far, or most of the ones I hear are coming. Hopefully, if nothing else, they will at least stop clubbing us over the head with modern morality plays.

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