Supergirl: Ahimsa

The DEO and their allies are dealing with the ramifications of last episode as they deal with more events in “Ahimsa.” Supergirl is out cold and in her new armor as the others look on worriedly.

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Supergirl: Man Of Steel

Supergirl’s writers fooled me pretty well with the title of this episode. Given the world she’s part of, you have certain expectations when you see “Man of Steel.”

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Supergirl: Far From The Tree

I read that this season of Supergirl is going to be focused on relationships. That seems to be the case in “Far From The Tree,” which tells the parallel stories of two different father/adult child dynamics.

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Supergirl: Homecoming

After the insanity last episode with Mr. Mxyzptlk, things start off on a better note. It’s the morning after for Kara and Mon-El, and Mon wakes up in bed alone. He wanders through the apartment bemused as he sees that Supergirl has been busy, foiling several crimes. She flies in through the window, bearing flowers…

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Supergirl: Survivors

This week’s Supergirl is called “Survivors” and that’s the running theme in the episode. They hit you with that early as Mon-El is shown barely escaping the destruction of Daxam at the time of Krypton’s destruction. We learn that Mon was a Palace Guard, and everyone (except maybe Mon-El himself) seems to think it’s a good idea to keep him confined at DEO Headquarters for now. Especially with more of his background in this episode, I’m a bit disappointed they aren’t at least commenting on his sharing the family name with both Superman and Supergirl. Maybe they’ll get to that later. Hank then surprises everyone by leaving for “personal business.”

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