covid 19

A Note on Current Events

With the chaos being wrought by the coronavirus, “normal” has kind of flown the coop for a while. Comic shops are closing, movies and tv shows are halting production, and seasons are being interrupted. Announced premier dates are being pushed back.


Dr. Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Among the ways 2016 has sucked (and there have been so many), it was the year of no Doctor Who. I don’t know what’s going on over at BBC, but they essentially took a year off, at least as far as new episodes being released goes. Maybe they’re retooling after losing Clara, maybe they’re gearing up for the new Class show, another Dr. Who spin off.


Stand With Chelsea Cain

This is one of those things I wish I didn’t have to write. Every time I think I see the depths of human stupidity and ignorance, someone starts digging deeper. I largely stay out of controversies that swirl around the internet. This one is just so wrong, and so egregious, I couldn’t.


The Walking Dead: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

I don’t generally review The Walking Dead. I’m a fan of the show, but I usually only review hero-based shows. I’m not going to do it regularly, but some things deserve an exception. “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” is one of those. After ending Season 6 on a major cliffhanger, Season 7 started off with an amazing premier.


Quick Note from DragonCon

I will post a lot more later when I manage to get home, but of special interest, I have learned that legendary comics writer Marv Wolfman has written a novelization of the Suicide Squad movie, and that tie-in novels are coming for both Flash (in November) and Arrow (a few months later).


Heroes Reborn: Sundae, Bloody Sundae

With a bad pun of a title, Heroes Reborn continues with “Sundae, Bloody Sundae.” Considering Emily, Tommy’s girlfriend, works at an ice cream shop, that bodes ill on a few levels. The cast are shown doing various things under another voice-over from Mohinder. It’s a good set up for the action of the show.


Heroes Reborn: Game Over

This week’s episode of Heroes Reborn has the somewhat ominous title of “Game Over.” Since the EverNow game is such a big part of what’s going on, that really doesn’t sound good. The show opens with Noah and Quentin applying “vigorous interrogation” techniques to Harris, trying to find out what happened to Phoebe and, possibly more important for the world in general, Hiro Nakamura. Hiro’s been missing for a while now, and since Erica has his sword, and knows it important, she and her Renautas empire clearly know something about what happened to him.