Supergirl: Not Kansas

Last episode ended on a serious cliffhanger/start of a fight, and “Not Kansas” picks up in exactly that spot. Supergirl and Mon-El, just back from their unexpected Argo City vacation, arrive just in time for a major fight with Reign in Lena’s lab.

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Krypton: Phantom Zone

As usual with season finales, there are likely going to be spoilers in this one. Be warned.

Krypton ends its first season with a title that is chilling for anyone who knows more than just the basics of the Superman mythos: “The Phantom Zone.”

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Flash: We Are The Flash

Team Flash wraps up season four with “We Are The Flash.” As is often the case with season finales, there will be spoilers here, so don’t read this if you haven’t seen it or care about spoilers. Warning delivered.

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