Legends of Tomorrow: Terms of Service

 The Legends are almost at the end of their chaotic season. The problems with the magical creatures have veered from comedic to terrifying, and often both at once.

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Supergirl: Red Dawn

    Supergirl’s season is almost over, and there’s a lot left to wrap up. This is the second to last episode, and things are getting complicated. There’s a long overdue confrontation, an end to a subplot I haven’t liked for most of the season, and a big character shift, as well as a revelation that shakes one of the characters up.

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iZombie: Dead Lift

There many conflicting factions now on iZombie. Fillmore-Graves is kind of on their own side, Dolly Durkins’ “Dead Enders” are rabidly anti-zombie, Liv’s network is trying to make life better for some on the outside, and the US Government wants an excuse to wipe New Seattle off the map.

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