She-Hulk: Ribbit and Rip It

After a lot of teasing and hints, we finally get the guest star a lot of us have been waiting for. She-Hulk’s “Ribbit and Rip It,” is the first live action appearance of Leapfrog, but no, that’s not what got so many of us excited.

Coming Attractions: Marvel Announcements from SDCC

San Diego Comic Con, SDCC as most call it, is a hugely anticipated fan event. It’s the place where, among other things, a lot of big announcments are made. This year is no expection, and the folks at Marvel did a lot of talking about forthcoming projects. We got some character confirmations, specific release dates…

Daredevil: A New Napkin

Everything comes to a head here, as Matt Murdock’s crusade runs headlong into Wilson Fisk’s webs and machinations. It’s the true Daredevil versus the Kingpin, with Dex the Faux-Devil running around in the background.

Daredevil: Reunion

       The season, and sadly series, are drawing to an end as everything ramps up. Somehow, Matt is in worse shape than Dex after their epic fight, even though Dex fell about a story to a hard floor and landed on his back. I guess that Daredevil costume really is well armored.

Daredevil: Karen

We’ve gotten a lot of hints about Karen’s backstory. This episode fills in the details, and takes its time to do it. To me, this doesn’t seem to jibe with the hints she herself has dropped about what’s she’s done before, especially her final showdown with Wesley.

Daredevil: Revelations

       If they hadn’t already used “Aftermath” as a title, it would have worked for this one. The two recurring themes were Matt dealing with the surprise at the end of last episode, and the ever-increasing scope and width of Fisk’s web of corruption and influence.