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Have comics on TV reached saturation?


I started this site way back when with the name “Comic Book Clog” because I liked the name, the imagery it invoked, but more to the point, it’s the way I felt about comics at the time.  For example:  to follow Batman, you had to read all of the Batman family books.  (I made a video about this an even longer time ago.)  Same goes for Spider-Man… and this is how it’s been for a long time.  Then it became that way for other characters and groups like X-Men, The Avengers and so on.  It became too much (both from a content and cost standpoint) and it pushed me out of a ton of books.

And now, I feel that it’s reached this critical point on TV.

While I’m still watching the movies (although DC/WB has tried my patience – it’s great that 93% of reviews for Wonder Woman are positive, but a 7.6 average score isn’t exactly, “run, don’t walk” territory), it’s hard for me to get excited about comic books on TV.

I started watching Agents of SHIELD because I like the actor who plays Coulson as well as the character and a TV show seemed to be the perfect place to explore the MCU.  I enjoyed the first season and the way they tied it into Winter Soldier, but as the show devolved into Daisey’s Agents of X-Men somewhere in season 3, I completely lost interest.  (I’ve talked about this before.)

So, I moved into the Netflix corner of the MCU.  There, I enjoyed season 1 of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but Matt Murdock’s season 2 didn’t wow me the way the first one did and I have yet to finish Luke Cage or even start Iron Fist.

And don’t even get me started on Gotham.

So where do I go from here?  I watched the first few episodes of Supergirl and quickly got bored, I enjoyed the first episode of Arrow but immediately forgot it existed… and wtf is Preacher?  I heard The Gifted was good, but I just haven’t gotten to it.  Does it tie in with the X-Men movies?  I’m not sure I have the energy for that at this point.

I’ve reached saturation.  To everybody else, hang in there.


Defenders Mini-Trailer


At least there’s no Muzak…

Now that Iron Fist has finally come out, Netflix is moving forward with the big team up. The Defenders will feature all four heroes: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, much of their supporting casts, and there are rumors about the Punisher popping up. They have finally given us a release date: August 18th. And there’s a very short trailer going around now that really isn’t much more than all four of them in an elevator. Personally, I’m looking forward to this.

Daredevil Season Two- A Cold Day In Hell’s Kitchen (Season 2 Finale)


There’s Something I’ve been Meaning To Tell You….

Daredevil’s second season comes to a close with “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen.” The show starts with Nobu caressing the stone box we keep seeing the Hand with, while a woman with red hair reports to him. They have plans afoot to regain the Black Sky, no matter what Elektra or Daredevil want. Whatever they are plotting doesn’t sound like it’s going to be good for anyone. Read the rest of this entry

Daredevil Season Two:The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel


Well, this date went badly….

Things have been going not really well for the cast of Daredevil this season. So the penultimate title, “The Dark At The End of the Tunnel,” seems grimly appropriate. Continuing the fairly recent trend of hero shows almost being required to have flashbacks, this episode’s series of them focus on a much younger Elektra, as well as her early relationship with Stick. Let’s just say that she didn’t have any of the sort of kind, gentle training the famous Mr. Miyagi gave Daniel in the Karate Kid movies. Read the rest of this entry

Daredevil Season Two: .380


You really don’t want to get his order wrong

Continuing the trend of beginning one episode right where the last one ended, “.380″ starts with Daredevil on the roof of Metro General, with far too many ninjas scaling the walls. Daredevil is good, but this is long odds even for him.

Read the rest of this entry

Daredevil Season Two: The Man In The Box


Let’s just have a nice chat… oh, who are we kidding?

“The Man In The Box,” which wasn’t at all about what I thought it would be, opens with the police going through the strange underground area that Daredevil found last episode. Of course, somehow or other, the responding detective is Mahoney. He is starting to feel like the only cop who really works in Daredevil’s New York, all the rest being extras who just fill space in the background.  Daredevil shares some information with him, suggests they keep the victims off the grid for now, and then limps off, looking horrible. Read the rest of this entry

Daredevil Season Two: Seven Minutes in Heaven


Picking on the newbie isn’t always a good idea…

Daredevil continues the success of its second season with the ninth episode, “Seven Minutes in Heaven.” A good bit of the episode shows how we got to the point the last one stopped at- the meeting of Wilson Fisk and Frank Castle. It does a fine job of showing how manipulative and ruthless Fisk is, and how incredibly dangerous Castle is. Read the rest of this entry

Daredevil Season Two: Guilty As Sin


Orange is the new… boss?


The eighth episode of Daredevil’s second season, “Guilty as Sin,” shows things getting worse on just about every front for everyone. As seems to be happening a lot of late, the episode starts exactly where the last one, “Semper Fidelis,” left off. Daredevil and Elektra stand next to their discovery, a truly impressive hole. Read the rest of this entry

Daredevil Season Two: Semper Fidelis


You can’t handle the… wait, wrong movie

Appropriately enough given his background, the episode dealing with the start of Frank Castle, the Punisher’s, trial, is titled “Semper Fidelis.” That is, of course, the motto for the Marine Corps. The opening is a montage of Castle getting ready for his trial, the jury pool being interviewed (and they have some very sharply differing opinions on the Punisher), and the attorneys getting ready. Reyes and Tower are prosecuting the case, Reyes no doubt hoping to grab some good press out of it, and Nelson and Murdock, of course, are the defense team. Read the rest of this entry

Daredevil Season Two: Regrets Only


Matt and Elektra go on a working date

The second season of Daredevil continues with “Regrets Only,” a phrase traditionally associated with invitations to parties. This makes sense as the episode continues, and the plotlines involving Elektra and the Punisher continue. One thing is for sure- life isn’t getting any easier for the firm of Nelson and Murdock. Read the rest of this entry

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