Daredevil: Reunion


Seriously, Matt, we both liked the red costume a lot better. 


The season, and sadly series, are drawing to an end as everything ramps up. Somehow, Matt is in worse shape than Dex after their epic fight, even though Dex fell about a story to a hard floor and landed on his back. I guess that Daredevil costume really is well armored. Too bad Matt doesn’t have one. Things are looking horrible for the heroes and great for the villains as we get to “Reunion.”

Maggie walks down the street, coming back from whatever nuns go at night that have them conveniently away from the church. She sees people fleeing and knows something not good is happening. As she runs toward the trouble, Dex limps away, taking off his mask (I guess that’s not just a hero thing anymore, unmasking in public), and having a temper tantrum that ups his body count. Ray listens in horror to the radio chatter about what’s going on, and isn’t happy with his “partner” when Dex rejoins him in the car. In the loft, Karen and Matt bring each other up to speed about matters with Faux-Devil, Kingpin, and who’s up to what. Karen helps the badly wounded Matt get moving.


While Maggie helps tend to some of the victims, she hears something tragic. Dex and Ray show up and take over the scene, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Maggie tells the various law enforcement folks what she saw earlier, and Dex counters with a lie. The look Maggie gives him makes me suspect she at least knows something isn’t right here. As Ray puts out a lookout for three suspects, one of whom is standing next to him, Karen and Matt make their way down to the basement room. They do a sort of mutual, “I’m sorry/what are you doing here?” exchange and figure out they’ve both sort of gotten in each other’s way. Matt ends the conversation when he hears Ray and Poindexter upstairs. Those enhanced senses can be really useful.


Upstairs, Dex pushes the search ahead, and Ray is having some serious regrets about which team he came down on. Maggie prays, Dex is obnoxious, and Ray does his best to play middleman between the two. When they get to the stairs down, Maggie fumbles with her keys, and Dex has a cop with a large saw cut the lock. Why the cop was standing there with a saw, in a church, I’m not sure. They get in, and don’t find anything. Maggie notices something and does her best to distract from it while Dex curses. Matt and Karen emerge from hiding, and Karen admits more of what she was up to, both impressing and worrying Matt. They share some emotional reactions, Karen fills Matt in about her brother’s death, and warns the masked man about what killing does to you.


Fisk goes to a press conference where Donovan addresses the crowd, who aren’t at all happy. Fisk gives a good speech, I’ll give him that. He plays heavily on stirring up anti-Daredevil sentiment, almost as much as he proclaims his own innocence. Recurring character NYPD Detective Mahoney shows up, and points out a few things that don’t make any sense about the current case. Ray does his best to brush all this off, and Dex is showing signs of snapping as he deals with fellow agents. Ray tries to introduce logic to the scenario, but Dex isn’t interested and tries to escalate things. Ray tries to ask Maggie some questions about Karen, and Maggie sort of turns the tables, bringing up moral issues and the memory of the recently deceased Father Lantom. Ray, to his credit, seems troubled by all this.


In a switch, Matt is helping patch up Karen when Maggie comes back down, offering a change of clothes and some food when she can manage it. Karen apologizes for coming here, and Maggie is very forgiving and philosophical about what’s happened. Matt uses his hearing to figure out what the FBI’s next steps are, and it bodes ill for him. Maggie recruits someone to help her throw the FBI off the scent, which is when Matt changes clothes and plans, giving Karen a view of his new collection of injuries. Karen appeals to Matt to stop trying to do everything on his own, and gives Matt an idea about how to proceed. Theo presents Foggy with a script of what Kingpin wants him to say, and Foggy is appalled. Theo pleads, and Foggy is righteously annoyed. Theo tries to blame Foggy for the problems, Foggy isn’t buying, then gets saved by the bell as his phone rings.


Tammy and Donovan spar over Fisk’s protection. The man himself is more concerned with Vanessa’s travel and the location of the one painting still missing from the collection. Matt sneaks out in his own unique way, and Foggy arrives at the church, trading on his new-found popularity with the police. He bluffs his way inside to Mahoney, and gets confronted by Ray. As Matt listens from above, Ray, Dex, Foggy, and Mahoney all argue about what Foggy is there for. Ray does something surprising, showing he’s not fully fallen to the dark side yet. Dex is pissed off and the eavesdropping Matt is pleased.


With a sizable escort, Fisk pays a visit to a woman about the painting. It’s a very emotionally charged scene, showing she’s a brave woman and Fisk has some measure of decency. It’s a very well-written scene, and performed powerfully. Dex figures out how Matt and Karen evaded him earlier, hears some comments from his fellow agents, and goes to have a temper tantrum. Matt makes his escape via the ever-popular rooftop express. Foggy, Karen, and Mahoney have a talk about Fisk’s influence, and Karen even gets in an “I told you so,” but it’s very low-key. Foggy suggests the first step in a plan, and then has a rooftop meeting with Matt and Karen. Matt admits to making mistakes, and they talk over what’s to come. Foggy, a true believer to the end, argues for faith in the system, while Matt has a different idea in mind for dealing with the Kingpin of Crime. Persuaded in spite of himself, Matt begins to get an idea for a plan.


Fisk gets told about Karen being found but getting away from the FBI. Fisk shows himself to be the same kind and understanding boss he’s always been. Ray gets home and sees enough to get him scared before having a reunion with his wife and son. The parents unite to keep the bad news from their kid, and Seema is picking up the vague hints from Ray quickly. Things rapidly get worse, and Ray has to take action that scares, but saves, his family. His heroic stand almost ends with his ammo supply, but he gets some last-minute help from Dark-Devil. After a very tense conversation, Matt does something dramatic to build trust with Ray.


What I liked: Wilson Bethel did a good job portraying Dex’s rage and frustration. Maggie was quick thinking and helped as best she could without getting directly involved in combat. Foggy is brave and brilliant and an amazing ally to have. It was good to see Mahoney playing a part in things. Ray is doing the best he can with the horrible position he’s in. I liked that Karen and Foggy both were fighting so hard to stop Matt from doing something he’d regret. Seema is very quick on the uptake, and brave. Ray and Matt made a good team near the end.


What I didn’t: I don’t buy Dex being so minimally injured in that fight, armored costume or not. Donovan is slimy and seems to always escape unharmed. I’m not sure I believe that even Fisk could manage to get his old conviction thrown out. The worse this gets, the more public incidents, the less believable it’s being kept quiet. More and more people are learning Matt’s secret.


It was another impressive episode with high-caliber writing and acting. I’ll give this one a 3.5 out of 5. Fisk seems to hold all the cards, but hopefully Matt and company will pull off a miracle.