Hawkeye: So This Is Christmas

Hawkeye has been compared both to Die Hard (action/comedy at Christmas) and the more street-level feel of the Netflix/Defenders series, and I can see both points there. Far too soon, we’re at the season finale, in “So This Is Christmas.”

Hawkeye: Ronin

One of the things I have been enjoying about Hawkeye is that they have spent time developing characters besides the lead. Clint and Kate, of course, get a lot of screen time, but so has Maya/Echo and now, Yelena Belova, Natasha Romanov’s kid sister from the Black Widow movie.

Daredevil: A New Napkin

Everything comes to a head here, as Matt Murdock’s crusade runs headlong into Wilson Fisk’s webs and machinations. It’s the true Daredevil versus the Kingpin, with Dex the Faux-Devil running around in the background.

Daredevil: Reunion

       The season, and sadly series, are drawing to an end as everything ramps up. Somehow, Matt is in worse shape than Dex after their epic fight, even though Dex fell about a story to a hard floor and landed on his back. I guess that Daredevil costume really is well armored.

Daredevil: Revelations

       If they hadn’t already used “Aftermath” as a title, it would have worked for this one. The two recurring themes were Matt dealing with the surprise at the end of last episode, and the ever-increasing scope and width of Fisk’s web of corruption and influence.

Daredevil: Aftermath

    Last episode saw an epic battle between Poindexter (Bullseye) and Matt (sorta Daredevil). I was especially struck by Poindexter appearing as Daredevil (really clever, Fisk), while Matt, in his black costume, looked a lot more like the comic book Bullseye.

Daredevil: The Devil You Know

There’s not a lot to like about Wilson Fisk, but you’d have to be extremely foolish to call him stupid. Fisk is a long-term planner who is utterly ruthless and fairly brilliant. The results of some of his schemes start turning up in “The Devil You Know,” a very ironic title on several levels.

Daredevil: The Perfect Game

Last episode, “Blindsided,” was a lot of action and focus on our titular character, Matt Murdock. Matt is barely in “The Perfect Game,” but we learn a lot about Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter, and see a good bit of the rest of the cast.