Flash: Grodd Friended Me

Team Flash has been through a lot of changes, and now they’re dealing with the world changing around them. Aftereffects from the Crisis are a recurring theme of this episode, as are changes in general.

Batwoman: An Un-Birthday Present

          Last episode of Batwoman ended on a major surprise. Somehow, likely as a result of the Crisis, Beth surprised Kate in her office. It was unexpected to say the least, and Kate really doesn’t do surprises well. She shares that with the late Oliver Queen.

Black Lightning: The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn

Of all the hero shows, it seems the least changed in the new world. Crisis is referred to in the “previously on” recap, but that’s close to it, and there are no substantial changes noted. While I love the team up concept, I almost think they should have left “Earth BL” or whatever we’re calling that one off on its own.

Supergirl: The Bottle Episode

   The characters, and viewers, learn more about the new, post-Crisis world as more ripples and changes become apparent. Supergirl and her friends (and some enemies) are trying to navigate their new reality, and the differences range from confusing to sickening.

Batwoman: How Queer Everything Is Today!

While it’s often simply an overused, hyperbolic phrase, in this case it’s true: after the Crisis, things will never be the same. The first stop for the shows’ various returns is Gotham City, where Batwoman’s episode has an interesting title: “How Queer Everything Is Today!”