Black Lightning: The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Four: A Bit of Light in the Darkness

The last season of Black Lightning hasn’t exactly been an uplifting one. Despite them ending the third season with a big win, there were losses along the way and those shadows are looming large over the characters. This isn’t helped by many of them spending most of this season making one bad decision after another.

Agents of SHIELD: Stolen

The final season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is ticking down, and things are looking more and more desperate for the agents. The Chronicoms have been one step ahead of them in their mad dash through time, battling over timelines.

Agents of SHIELD: After, Before

We’re in their last season, the Chronicoms are trying to retroactively erase them from history, and now the Zephyr isn’t working right. Time is very much on everyone’s minds as they try and get their ship, and Yo-Yo, back in working order.