Legends of Tomorrow: Too Legit To Quit

Now the team has this episode, and one more, to wrap things up before the season ends. For now, the team is “Too Legit To Quit.” Despite the title nod and other musical stars occasionally popping up, MC Hammer doesn’t guest star this week.

Legends of Tomorrow: A Woman’s Place is in the War Effort!

Last episode of Legends of Tomorrow gave us a lot of the backstory about some of the odd things happening this season. We learned a lot about Bishop, and, while I really don’t care for the character, it was an interesting insight into what was happening with him and how he arrived at certain decisions and points of view. The episode ended with the team about to jump again in Dr. Davies’ time machine and Bishop making an unexpected arrival as he fled from an evil Gideon of his own creation. Now, the Legends are in a different era with more problems to deal with in “A Woman’s Place is in the War Effort!”

Legends of Tomorrow: Speakeasy Does It

The newest season of Legends of Tomorrow has the team marooned in 1925, with no ship, no time couriers, and the thinnest of ideas about how to find a way back to their own time. Or times, really, since they’re from at least two different eras.

Legends of Tomorrow: The Need for Speed

One thing you can say about the Legends of Tomorrow is that they aren’t afraid to shake things up. Almost the entire original cast is gone, and the focus of the series has shifted over and over again. Now the team is trapped in 1925 with no ship, and the Waverider did a lot for them in terms of day to day needs.