Batwoman: Arrive Alive

Well into season two, Batwoman is starting to more actively clash with the False Face society and their leader, Black Mask. With the chaos of Safiyah out of the way for now, as far as we can tell anyway, Team Bat can focus on troubles closer to hand.

Batwoman: Time Off For Good Behavior

Batwoman’s second, and very impressive, season is achieving a lot of complicated and difficult things at once. They’ve replaced their lead character, reoriented the main villain, and shaken things up for a few of the supporting characters. The show is also tackling social justice issues, and doing it in a good and engaging way.

Batwoman: Rule #1

Given the events of 2020, a lot of shows have started delving more into social issues. With a Black female LGBT lead, it should come as no surprise that Batwoman is very involved in this.

Batwoman: Survived Much Worse

The second season of Batwoman has had a lot of surprising twists and turns. We’ve hit the point where all roads lead to Coryana, and now most of our characters end up there. There are showdowns and surprises, and several disappointments, leading several characters to reflect they have “Survived Much Worse.”

Batwoman: Do Not Resuscitate

I really had no idea what to expect from the second season of Batwoman, and they manage to keep surprising me anyway. The new Batwoman has worked out brilliantly in almost every regard, Alice has an interesting new storyline, and Luke and Mary are left wrestling with grief and uncertainty after Kate’s disappearance.

Batwoman: Fair Skin, Blue Eyes

The second season of Batwoman has gone from something that I was worried about to something that’s been really impressing me. It’s a dicey situation when you lose your lead actor, but they’ve managed to rise above the problem and, in my opinion, make the show even better.

Batwoman: Bat Girl Magic!

Batwoman’s second season continues to impress as we see the adventures of Gotham’s newest crimefighter. We learn some of Alice’s history, get conflicting stories about Kate’s plane crash, and learn about Safiyah, a name that’s been floating around in the background for some time now.