Batwoman: Toxic

The saga of the new wave of Batman villains has been dominating this season of Batwoman. Most recently, Poison Ivy has been the focus of the story, and her effect on Mary Hamilton

Batwoman: Trust Destiny

Anyone who has studied military history and/or tactics will tell you that fighting a two-front war isn’t a good idea. Unfortunately for them, that’s what Batwoman and her allies have been doing most of the season, when it’s not more like three or four fronts.

Batwoman: Pick Your Poison

Batwoman has had a very busy third season, as new versions of Bat-foes emerge, family complications ensnare everyone, and difficult choices loom. Now we see Mary infected by Poison Ivy, Alice causing her usual chaos, and a new threat emerging.

Harley Quinn: Bachelorette

Harley is good at a lot of things, and avoiding dealing with her feelings is way up on that list. She led an invasion of Earth, or least Gotham, to not think about her and Ivy kissing, and now she’s throwing herself into a new distraction.