Flash: Success is Assured

Some things even superheroes are powerless to stop. In this case, the coronavirus has brought season six to an early end. “Success is Assured” is episode 19 out of what was supposed to be 22, but they couldn’t finish filming. This has changed the pace of the impromptu finale, the nature of the cliffhanger, and…

Flash: Liberation

After a not-great return, Flash gets back into the swing of things with this week’s episode. The Fake Iris mess comes to a head, there are some unexpected reversals and a great scene with a secondary character who usually doesn’t get to do much.

Flash: So Long and Goodnight

The looming threats of the Black Hole organization and Eva and her Mirror Universe shenanigans are back to make life complicated for the West family and their STAR allies. I have to admit, I was really looking forward to the shows coming back, and I found this to be a disappointing start. Or re-start.

Flash: The Exorcism of Nash Wells

The problems with the Mirror Universe and Eva McCulloch seem to be the big issues for the second half of Flash’s current season. Even after Crisis reshaped the multiverse (do the heroes know there are other worlds now?), alternate worlds keep plaguing the Flash and his friends.

Flash: Grodd Friended Me

Team Flash has been through a lot of changes, and now they’re dealing with the world changing around them. Aftereffects from the Crisis are a recurring theme of this episode, as are changes in general.

Flash: A Girl Named Sue

  Last episode, a few twists were revealed as Iris was trapped in the mirror dimension. There was also a bit more about the mysterious Black Hole organization, who I think it’s safe to say will be the looming big bad of the season’s second half.

Flash: Love is a Battlefield

     Last episode ended with Iris proving why it’s often not a great idea to go off by yourself in this kind of show. Now, things are different although no one can put their finger on what’s going on. We also get Valentine’s Day drama, the return of a very entertaining foe, and have several missing cast members once again.

Flash: Marathon

    After a longer than normal season break, the Flash and his friends return to try and figure out the strange new world Crisis left behind. We get a feel for some of the changes, some important decisions, and the beginnings of a big new threat.