iZombie: Insane In The Germ Brain

IZombie is getting close to the end of the season as plots gather steam and the crew faces all sorts of challenges and problems.

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iZombie: Yippie Ki Brain

Liv and company get kept very busy with murders, smuggling, research and conspiracies, in “Yippie Ki Brain, Motherscratcher,” a nod to a great line from the movie Die-Hard.

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iZombie: Mack-Liv-Moore

Isobel, the young woman Liv and company met through Renegade’s network, has a lot on her plate. Smuggled illegally into New Seattle, dying from a fatal disease, she was hoping, like so many others, that the process of becoming a zombie would halt her disease. Instead, she’s proven to be the only person so far who is apparently naturally immune to zombie-ism.

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