iZombie: Bye, Zombies


No one said undercover work was always fun, Malcolm 

The end is almost here. After five fun seasons, iZombie is about to wrap up. This, the second-to-last episode, has the arguably confusing title of “Bye, Zombies,” which makes it sound like the finale. Instead, it’s a lot of build up to, “How are they possibly handling all this in one episode?” What we end up with a mostly a heist story, with some more serious developments around the edges. #ByeZombie is what they’ve been using on Twitter for the season finale.

The show opens with two very different scenes. Liv is caring for the recently freed kids, doing a running internal monologue about the current state of affairs, and desperately trying to find something to hope for. On the other end of the spectrum, Dolly Durkins has gotten a special delivery from General Mills, and is gleefully sharing with her demented zealots. I’m really not sure how something that big made it into the city, but New Seattle’s walls seem increasingly notional as the show goes on.


Liv’s fragile grasp on her optimism slips when she gets to work and is greeted by some very bad news from Ravi. Human greed and the American pharmaceutical industry have gotten involved with the cure, and that generally doesn’t go well for people actually suffering from a disease/medical condition. Liv has had enough of things going wrong and comes to a decision. This leads to a series of Mission Impossible riffs and a big briefing on the situation with Liv, Clive, Ravi, Peyton, and Major. Between them, they come up with a desperate plan that takes them from Mission Impossible to Ocean’s 11.


Liv and Ravi debate what brains they need to pull this off, and ask Don a few questions. Still saddened by last episode, Don isn’t really much help. Blaine shows up, and he and Ravi get into a snark off, but Ravi makes some great points. Later, they go over some gear they got from Major and Clive shows up to offer a few suggestions from the police files. Clive is clearly worried about what his friends are about to do, and it’s a very emotional scene.


Blaine is pushing his thug to get an answer about who got away with all the Freylick kids, and has no problem recognizing the picture pulled from nearby surveillance. Masks are important, people! While Ravi plays lookout, Liv and Major do some digging, talk over their various ups and downs in their relationship, and make an agreement about the future. At home, Dale can see Clive is distracted as she gives him (and us) an update on Michelle (remember her?). Dale makes a suggestion that Clive isn’t sure about, but talks him into it. This is a great example of a loving and secure relationship. Liv and Ravi have an emotional parting with Peyton, and there’s the promise of a big change in the future. Then, they get a surprise visitor that, for once, is a good thing.


Blaine and Don have taken up stalking to add to their list of various crimes and general ickiness. They don’t find what they’re looking for, but do end up with a new puzzle. The tv brings more bad news to Major, and he starts getting the troops ready to respond and attempt to keep the peace. Liv and Clive infiltrate a party to get their plan started, and Liv’s current brain is definitely in effect. Ravi, suffering through the side effects of his prototype cure, isn’t entirely himself either, and he and Liv bicker over some of her side hustle. Clive’s mission takes an interesting turn, and Ravi is haunted by the ghost of relationships past. Clive’s task comes to a very entertaining end, with some unexpected dialogue between Liv and the target.


Things take a turn for the Renegade network when Blaine is both persistent and clever and forces one of the operatives to give up some important secrets. Blaine gets his reunion with Peyton, but it’s not a good thing for her or anyone in her care. Blaine is smug and annoying and ruthless, but even he seems disappointed in him. Don shows up and is very impressed with the secret passage.


Things are getting worse on the streets of New Seattle, and Major gets everyone ready to deploy and prevent things from getting out of hand. One of his younger soldiers, Ames, disagrees with Major’s policies, but Major is determined to do what he thinks is right. Unfortunately, some other people have the same attitude with a lot less morality involved, and things go badly for the Fillmore-Graves side. The ensuing battle has a few different reversals, and by the end of it, an old foe has turned up, and Major is on his own and on the run. That man is a serious contender for worst luck on this series.


All the chaos at the party was just a setup to get Team Liv where they need to be for their real goal. With more classic heist-style voiceover, the various members of the team get into place, with a little bit of extra help. Ravi and Liv have switched brains, and the new ones are overly-emotional and annoying in a different way. For once, things go the way they are supposed to, and, as one of them even comments, “That was anti-climactic.” Finally, they manage to get in place for the big score.


Dale is at home watching tv when a special report comes on. The balance of power has shifted in New Seattle, and it’s not going to be good for anyone who has any ideas of living in peace. Dolly also sees the broadcast, along with the new punishments that are being enacted, and tells her followers to get ready. Whatever happens for the finale, it’s going to be loud and violent, I’m fairly sure of that.


Dr. Saxon, the cause of many of the problems this week, gets a call and rushes to work to check on something. What he finds is worse than what he was expecting, and shows a very clever bit of planning from our heroes. Saxon, never knowing when to quit, tries to cut a deal, and provokes a very rare reaction from Ravi. Finally, in spite of everything, the good guys chalk up a victory on this end of things.


The only thing they need is for Major to get them one last ingredient for the cure. Of course, Major has had a significant change in circumstance since they left, but Liv and company don’t know that, and Major apparently isn’t going to tell them. The last we see of him, Major is telling Liv there’s no problem and nothing to worry about, while his circumstances are showing anything but that. Presumably this will be a major part of the plot of the finale.


What I liked: Liv and Ravi actually managed to come up with a decent plan, with a little help from their friends. I’m glad that Don E hasn’t bounced back from last episode all at once, that should be taking a toll on him. Blaine, for all his faults, is a smart guy and does a few clever things this episode. I liked Dale encouraging Clive to do the right thing, and the “Oh, by the way” wrap up we got for Michelle’s story. I always enjoy a good heist story, and this at least touched on that. The party scene was great.


What I didn’t: Well, obviously, I don’t like that the show is almost over. I’ve seen every one of these, and I don’t really want it to end. I feel bad for Major, which is often the case. If next episode is a war, I have several names on my list of who I don’t want to see make it out. Dolly is high on that list.


It was a decent story, and a good lead-in to the finale. I’ll give it a high 3.5 out of 5. They have a lot to wrap up in one short hour. I hope they maintain their usual high standards.