Supergirl: Legion of Super Heroes

After a few weeks off for the winter break, Supergirl returns, and she’s not alone. Now, the Girl of Steel is allied with a version of one of DC Comics’ biggest and most powerful teams, which also gives us the episode title: “The Legion of Super Heroes.”

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Supergirl: Reign

On the heels of the big crossover, Supergirl comes back to her own series in “Reign,” the mid-season finale. By comparison, fighting her evil twin, being hunted by Nazis, and kidnapped to another Earth was probably a better time than this was for her.

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Supergirl: Wake Up

Things get a bit odd on Supergirl this week. “Wake Up” is the title for this episode, and they deal out a few big surprises. The first ones to get surprised are the crew of a small sub, who are checking on the damage under the waterfront after the big attack down there. They find…

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