Supergirl: Kara

She gets by with a little help from her friends. One last time.

After six seasons, lots of monsters, game nights and Balcony Conversations™, Supergirl’s run comes to end. The show is reported to have ended over falling ratings, major delays and complications from the Coronavirus (I guess even Supergirl isn’t immune, get your shots!). This final season has been about Nxyly, Lex, and the race to control the totems, and a lot of stuff gets wrapped up in this finale. With this being the end of the season and series both, there will be spoilers. Be warned.

The show opens with a news report about people “declining around the world,” as the newscaster herself turns sort of gray and colorless, which is how they have been representing the effects of the totems. Lena has a very surprising conversation with Lillian Luthor, who confesses to an array of past misdeeds regarding Lena specifically. After a tearful chat, Lillian finally meets her end. Personally, I’m ok with this, although Lena is shaken. Lillian goes out on an uncharacteristically unselfish note, but then, that’s how she was fatally injured, too. At the Tower, Supergirl returns after flying around and thinking. The decision she’s reached… well, it sounds pretty and like a bad press release. The team is completely on board, and Brainy once again just happens to have a useful gadget tucked away that’s just what they need. Funny he’s never mentioned it before, including times it would have been useful, and it’s nothing at all from his comic book history. Deus ex Coluan, I guess. Lena reports on Lillian’s passing, and also just happens to have a spell that will do the bits that Brainy’s gizmo can’t. Remarkably convenient, that. The Lex vs. Nxyly fight has supposedly moved to the train station, and some of the team go try and contain that while Supergirl, Brainy, and Lena give her idea a whirl. In one scene, Supergirl goes from “We must empower everyone to make their own choices” to “I’m going to invade everyone’s brain, and Lena is going to break down their barriers for me.” This is the kind of morally dubious reasoning Supergirl has been using for much of the season, and really should have gotten her a visit from her cousin by now.

Supergirl’s world-wide brain blast helps people shake off the effect of the Totems, depowering Lex and Nxyly some. Remember how they were going to “contained in the train station”? Neither do the writers. Their fight is now out on the street as some of the team shows up to fight them. Nxyly suddenly has most of her magic back and summons some monsters for the heroes to fight, while Lex does… something… and creates CGI versions of some of the show’s past villains, including Parasite and Red Tornado (who is usually a hero in the comics). The fight rages on, and they suddenly get some help from Legionnaires Mon-El and Winn. Not that their help isn’t welcome, but the Legion is possibly the largest assemblage of heroes out there, and they sent… two? Thanks, I guess? Also jumping in to help are James Olsen as Guardian (even though he “left his shield” for Kelly, which we’ve heard at least twice) and Eliza Danvers shows up, apparently having driven down from Midvale with a shotgun we’ve never seen or heard of her using before. They do get in a line about Eliza having been a Kryptonian “in the movies,” a nod to actress Helen Slater playing the role in Supergirl’s one feature film during the Christopher Reeve era. Even Andrea shows up as Acrata to help, and saves Lena’s life. Lex, never one to lose gracefully, opens a portal to the Phantom Zone, which even Nxyly thinks is a bad idea. Some phantoms pour through and fly around menacingly before attacking Lex and Nxyly for reasons, dragging them away, and making the portal Lex just finished saying couldn’t be closed close behind them. Ok, that happened.

Getting some time to catch their collective breath, the team goes to William’s funeral. It would have been nice to find a way to give the actor one last appearance, but this doesn’t happen. Andrea is going to set up an award to honor him, because that’s what rich people do. J’Onn gets an offer from the Secretary of State that was shooting at them last episode to re-found the DEO with a new mission. My, she’s forgiving. Supergirl gives another speech about what the DEO should be, and we see both Lena and Dreamer setting up foundations for their various causes. I get Lena being able to do this (although I swear she lost her Luthor money a while ago), but I’m not sure how Dreamer managed it. Mon-El says he has to go back to his own time (why he stayed for the funeral of a man he never met I’m not sure) and that he won’t be back in this era. Brainy has a date with doom to keep, and Winn goes with them, even though he’s just said he’ll be at the wedding. I guess he gets frequent Time Traveler Miles? Minutes? Something. Brainy and Dreamer part tearfully. Mitch, Nxyly’s accomplice during all the recent madness, apparently gets away, as he’s never mentioned or seen again. They forgot?

The show jumps ahead three weeks to Kelly and Alex’s wedding. Kara gets a call from the person who was absolutely the best part of season one: Cat Grant as played by Calista Flockhart. Cat goes on a rant about environmentalism (that’s new) and then offers Kara her dream job. Which I thought was being a reporter, but now is being editor in chief for CatCo? Later, Alex isn’t happy about Kara’s lack of progress on the wedding flowers, which Kara promises to finish at speed later. Kara kind of whines about how her life isn’t what she wants, even though she’s got a great job offer, amazing powers, friends, family, and an apartment she never should have been able to afford in the first place. Alex gives her some decent advice she doesn’t seem likely to accept.

Then we jump to the actual wedding, where J’Onn is somehow doing skywriting, which is none of his awesome array of powers. Eliza raves about what a good mother Alex is (she must not know about last episode), and there’s a group hug with Kara, Alex, Eliza, and Esme. Kelly gets a tender moment with her brother James, and he gives her a modified signal watch. See, that works for Superman, because he has super-speed. Kelly’s supposed to press it in a life threatening situation and wait for James to drive the few hours to her? Utterly disregarding everything that’s been said about the future (and a lot of what’s been said about time travel on both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow), Brainy comes back for the wedding and announces he’s staying with Nia. Kara and Winn sing at the wedding and do a decent job with Pat Benetar’s “We Belong.” J’Onn walks Alex down the aisle, Esme is flower girl, and James escorts Kelly. J’Onn is also somehow officiating, (sure, why not?) and then the women exchange their vows, and we skip over both the “forever hold your peace” and the “I do” parts of the ceremony.

There are some party favors which are important enough to mention in one scene and never be heard of again, and then Winn lets more slip about the future, stunning J’Onn. I guess the rules of time travel don’t apply anymore? There’s dancing, disco music, and Winn, James, and Kara, the main characters back at the start of the show, talk about old times. Moping off by herself, Kara gets a call from Cat, who is pressing about her job offer, and then expounds more wisdom. She also contradicts herself, stating she always knew Kara was Supergirl, which we’ve seen a few times isn’t so, and she just pretty much contradicted a few moments ago. After some biting comments, Cat ends the call on an upbeat and kindly note. I’ve really missed that character on the show, and it was great to see her again, although I strongly disagree with the advice she gave. Kara then has a very weepy conversation with Lena, and I’m sure all the fans who have wanted those two together since Lena first turned up read a lot into it. We finally get some insight into why Kara thinks she failed the Courage Totem test a while back, and I disagree there, too. Kara finally comes to a decision as she sees Kelly and Alex off (I wonder who is taking care of Esme during the honeymoon?) and we see they are leaving in J’Onn’s flying car/spaceship.

At some point in the near future, we see one last game night with all the friends gathered in Kara’s apartment, and Kara gets in a line to more or less wrap up the show. Except that’s not the end, as, following all the various hints the last several episodes, Kara decides to go public, and sits down for an interview with Cat where she outs herself as Supergirl, also Kara, the new editor at CatCo. Let’s think about this a minute. Alex and Kelly have been trying hard to keep their secret identities, as has Nia. Now, all anyone has to do is keep an eye on Kara, and they can work out who all these people are. Heck, just watch a game night gathering and you’re pretty much there. So, their secrets should be gone in no time because of Kara’s choice. Now, let’s talk about the CatCo staff. Did the intern looking for college credit there agree to be a target for Supergirl’s many enemies? The janitor? There’s a reason for heroes having secret identities, and I think Kara’s choice there is remarkably selfish. That’s something else I’m going to address in another piece at some point. But this ends the episode, season, and series.

I think this series started well. I liked a lot of the early episodes. Then it started getting very, very preachy. Club you over the head with a completely unsubtle metaphor preachy. And the choices they made in this final season, and the weird writing glitches, were really not very good. I hate to see a superhero show go, and there are a lot of questions about the future of the Arrowverse. But, at this point, I’m more than willing to say goodbye to this one. I hope some of the other characters turn up in other shows. I know Alex is in the upcoming Flash Armageddon event. After that? I guess we’ll see.

What I liked: The Allstone/Totem nonsense is over. I’m glad Brainy and Dreamer got a good ending to their story (unless we see them again). They did a good job gathering up most of the major characters from the last six years to come say goodbye. I was thrilled to see Cat Grant again.

What I didn’t: Wow, that’s a long list. The weird continuity glitches (Lex and Nxyly are in the train station. No, they’re not) were really blatant. I think Kara outing herself was a horrible idea. The popping into everyone’s mind was another really questionable decision. Given her relationships with them, I really wanted to see Superman and Flash turn up (apparently, Superman was supposed to but there was a scheduling issue with Tyler Hoechlin). The Legion, that massive organization, sent two people? Brainy just tosses aside all the concern about the future? Why bring Mon-El back and have him say he’d never be back again? That’s just some of the issues I had with this finale.

I’m a bit torn over the ratings. I’m giving the finale a 2 out of 5, mostly for Cat showing up and the others popping in or it’d be lower. I’m giving season six a 1.5 out of 5. The series as a whole is tougher. I really enjoyed it for a while. I’m going to say 2.5 out of 5 for the series as a whole.

This appears to be the end for National City, Supergirl, and the Super Friends (still hate that name). Let’s just let this one rest in peace.