Iron Fist: Duel of Iron

The season, and sadly series, comes to an end for Iron Fist. I know this was the least popular of the Netflix/Marvel shows, but I’ve been a longtime fan of the character, and even most of those who have problems with the show agreed the second season was a big improvement.

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Gotham: The Beginning

     After five seasons, Gotham finally comes to an end. There was a lot of speculation about how it would end, and, among the fans, some worry. We didn’t need to worry. I think it was a perfect ending, and, for what they did, we couldn’t have had a better title.

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Luke Cage: They Reminisce Over You

           Luke Cage’s second season, and sadly the series, come to an end in “They Reminisce Over You.” I’ll talk more about the end later. I will say there were a lot of surprises and twists along the way, most of which I didn’t see coming. Since it’s both a season and series finale, there will be spoilers below.

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The Gifted: oMens

        What may be the final episode of The Gifted is a busy outing that ends dramatically, and makes me wonder if the possible cancellation was a surprise to the showrunners.

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Mockingbird 8

Several months ago, I picked up Mockingbird 1. I’d never heard of the writer, Chelsea Cain, but I’ve been a Mockingbird fan since the first time I ran across her in the Hawkeye limited series. I’ve really enjoyed the combination of action, comedy, and what I guess you could call superhero satire. It’s been a really amusing spin on a character I’ve liked for a while now.

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