Young Justice: Outsiders: Royal We

One of the things I love about the Young Justice cartoon is that the writers seem to be fans of the characters themselves. They work in all kinds of little Easter Eggs, nods, and little moments of trivia, as well as taking advantage of being on their own Earth to invent new bits of history that fit

Young Justice: Outsiders: Princes All

Young Justice, a fan favorite show, was cancelled by Cartoon Network. One of the great things about modern times is that fans get more of a say in what’s happening, and, after several years, the DC Universe platform brought the team back

Black Lightning: The Book of War: Chapter One: Homecoming

One thing I’ll give the DC/CW shows credit for is doing some impressive research. I was familiar with Gravedigger from the World War II era comics. What I didn’t actually know is that there have been three characters using that codename in DC’s books, and this version, played by the immensely talented Wayne Brady, sort of combines the first and third.