Legends of Tomorrow: Welcome To The Jungle

The Legends keep running into people connected to them in the past: younger versions of themselves, ancestors, and, the just-won’t-stay-dead Damian Darhk. That trend continues in “Welcome to the Jungle,” which lands the team in 1967 Viet Nam, during the war. That was dangerous enough on its own, but you know that if the team goes there, it’s worse than it seems.

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Supergirl: Wake Up

Things get a bit odd on Supergirl this week. “Wake Up” is the title for this episode, and they deal out a few big surprises. The first ones to get surprised are the crew of a small sub, who are checking on the damage under the waterfront after the big attack down there. They find…

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Arrow: Promises Kept

Things get complicated in “Promises Kept” on Arrow. A lot of the episode deals with Slade Wilson’s family history, which is a bit complicated on this show, and even more so if you’re familiar with his comic book history, which receives some major alterations here.

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