Agents of SHIELD: The Other Thing

         So far on season six of Agents of SHIELD, we’ve heard about Coulson’s death, but have not seen his final moments or anything about a funeral or memorial.

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Iron Fist: Morning of the Mindstorm

     Iron Fist continues recycling titles from the comics in their second season. In this case, “Morning of the Mindstorm” comes from Marvel Premier 25. The titles seem to have a tenuous connection at best to what actually happens in the episode, as is the case here.

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Iron Fist: The Dragon Dies at Dawn

        Iron Fist’s second season continues with “The Dragon Dies at Dawn.” This, as with the other titles this season, is borrowed from an earlier comic; in this case, Iron Fist 9 from 1976. We see Danny dealing with his loss, an attempted family reconciliation, and Davos working on his own list but only needing to check it once.

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