Young Justice: Outsiders: Royal We

One of the things I love about the Young Justice cartoon is that the writers seem to be fans of the characters themselves. They work in all kinds of little Easter Eggs, nods, and little moments of trivia, as well as taking advantage of being on their own Earth to invent new bits of history that fit

Young Justice: Outsiders: Princes All

Young Justice, a fan favorite show, was cancelled by Cartoon Network. One of the great things about modern times is that fans get more of a say in what’s happening, and, after several years, the DC Universe platform brought the team back

Titans: Nightwing

The Titans end their second season with a lot of death, chaos, and destruction. Long-time fans will probably not care for this, which brings an end to their sub-par adaptation of the classic Judas Contract storyline.

Batman: Harley Quinn

DC continues to do really well with their animated movies. Their latest offering, “Batman and Harley Quinn” was another entertainingly good time. And they are definitely making the most of not having to worry about being a “kids’ cartoon” any more with their theatrical and Digital Video releases. Just like the adaptation of The Killing Joke dealt with a lot more adult themes, they do some scenes that never would have flown in the WB or Cartoon Network shows.

Titans Annual 1

Titans Annual 1 Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Minkyu Jung Colorist: Adriano Lucas Letterer: Carlos M Mangual Cover: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, and Andrew Dalhouse Someone is abducting heroes, and many of the members of both the Titans and their mentors in the Justice League find themselves in a strange maze. Tempest, Aquaman, Donna, Wonder Woman,…


Rebirth: Nightwing 1

I’m a huge Nightwing fan, so I was very glad to see he was back in costume again. I really didn’t care for the “Grayson” title. Dick as a spy didn’t really interest me. But now he’s back, and the costume has the classic blue accents again instead of the red silliness of the reboot, which never made any sense to me.