Legends of Tomorrow: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist

The Legends have found themselves marooned in 1925, and the first part of season seven has been dedicated to getting to New York City. They’ve learned of a scientist named Gwyn Davies who is the father of time travel, and they hope to use his genius to get themselves back to their own time.

Legends of Tomorrow: The Need for Speed

One thing you can say about the Legends of Tomorrow is that they aren’t afraid to shake things up. Almost the entire original cast is gone, and the focus of the series has shifted over and over again. Now the team is trapped in 1925 with no ship, and the Waverider did a lot for them in terms of day to day needs.

Legends of Tomorrow: There Will Be Brood

The Legends of Tomorrow are usually a fun bunch with some weird adventures. I’ve heard about some of the changes coming up, and not liked any of them. Well, they’re making me less happy in how they’re getting there, as they make some questionable choices this episode.

Legends of Tomorrow: Bored on Board Onboard

For this episode, they find assorted different problems stemming from them being “Bored On Board Onboard.” We don’t really see any major plot advancement here aside from a few small side scenes, but there’s some weird fun and some “This could only happen to you guys” moments.