Punisher: Memento Mori

Punisher’s first season ends with “Memento Mori,” which wraps things up and gives a few surprises along the way. With this being a season finale, there are going to be spoilers ahead. So you may want to skip this review if you haven’t finished the season.

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The Gifted: X-Roads


“X-Roads” is the second half of The Gifted’s season one finale. Things have been action packed up until now, and they keep going.

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The Gifted: eXtraction

The Gifted wraps up their first season with a two hour finale, eXtraction and Xroads. Things have been getting bad for both sides as the season has gone on, and events build to a head as the Mutant Underground and Sentinel Services head for a major battle.

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Defenders: The Defenders

The Defenders wrap up their first season with a lot of things going on. There’s no announcement as yet about a second season, but it was months before they confirmed season two of Iron Fist, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The basis for some friendships are formed, among both the heroes and at least some of the supporting cast. And at least one character takes a major step towards their comic book incarnation.

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iZombie: Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2

IZombie comes to the end of their season with, “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2.” That kind of makes me wonder if next season will open with Part 3, but maybe that’s just me. Things don’t go really well for anyone, and they definitely do a major change in the status quo by the time they’re done. Next season is going to be a completely different show. There will be at least some spoilers below, so be warned.

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Gotham: Destiny Calling/heavydirtysoul

Gotham’s third season wraps with a double header, “Destiny Calling,” and “Heavydirtysoul.” The two episodes bring a lot of forces into play and leave us remarkably few cliffhangers, but bring a lot of things together. And there’s a surprise reveal at the end about one of the characters. So, yeah, beware, there will be some…

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