Daredevil: A New Napkin

Everything comes to a head here, as Matt Murdock’s crusade runs headlong into Wilson Fisk’s webs and machinations. It’s the true Daredevil versus the Kingpin, with Dex the Faux-Devil running around in the background.

Legion: Chapter 27

Legion has been a really strange show since the first episode. Then again, the main character, David Haller, was one of the stranger critters in Marvel’s X-Men books: the bastard son of X-Men founder Charles Xavier, with multiple personality disorder and each personality having a different power.

Iron Fist: Duel of Iron

The season, and sadly series, comes to an end for Iron Fist. I know this was the least popular of the Netflix/Marvel shows, but I’ve been a longtime fan of the character, and even most of those who have problems with the show agreed the second season was a big improvement.

Cloak and Dagger: Level Up

  Cloak and Dagger get to the end of their second season in “Level Up.” They’ve used video games as an analogy before, and it makes sense for the end of a difficult struggle for two up and coming heroes.

Legends of Tomorrow: Hey, World!

It’s been a wild ride for the Legends of Tomorrow’s 4th season. There have been magical creatures, maimings, possession, and musical numbers. Now, with “Ner-Ray” posed to take over Hell and become a lot more powerful, the team needs to find a way to wrap everything up, stop Neron, and free Ray.