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comic booksIf you’re trying to reach the folks who love superheroes in print, on TV and at the movies, then you’ve come to the right place!  With thousands of visitors per year and growing since our inception back in 2014, ComicBookClog can connect you with today’s audience.

We are currently offering the following the options:

We’ll run a text, image or combination ad on our sidebar.  That means your ad will appear on every single page of the website, including the homepage!

2020 rates:

  • 3 months: $60
  • 6 months: $110
  • 12 months:   $200

We’ll run a text, image or combination ad on the individual post of your choosing.  This is a lifetime post!  This means the ad will never come down and never has to be renewed.  The ad content can be updated yearly.  In accordance with search engine guidelines, the ad copy will be labeled as a sponsorship.  ALL SEARCH ENGINE GUIDELINES APPLY!
2020 rate: $500

We’re here, we’re listening!  Email us at comicbookclog [AT] or use the form below.