iZombie: Bye, Zombies

       The end is almost here. After five fun seasons, iZombie is about to wrap up. This, the second-to-last episode, has the arguably confusing title of “Bye, Zombies,” which makes it sound like the finale. Instead, it’s a lot of build up to, “How are they possibly handling all this in one episode?”

iZombie: Killer Queen

Things are both ratcheting up and winding down as the end of iZombie comes closer and closer. They once again manage to balance an entertaining murder of the week and the major plotlines moving forward.

iZombie: Night and the Zombie City

The final season of iZombie is heading for the end, as tensions rise, factions dig in, and more cast members check out before the end. The murder of the week is more center stage than many of the episodes this season, but the looming threat to the city is still out there.

iZombie: Fresh Princess

   The end is near for iZombie, sadly. “Fresh Princess” is episode nine of thirteen in this season, and that’s the last one. Things are building to a head between Fillmore-Graves, the Dead Enders, Liv’s Renegade network, and everyone else caught around the edges.

iZombie: Death of a Car Salesman

For the last few episodes, they’ve dialed down the new brain quirks, which I’ve actually appreciated. Not that Rose McIver doesn’t do a great job rolling with whatever Liv has become each week, because she does. I just have enjoyed that being a less important part of the story.

iZombie: Death Moves Pretty Fast

         Tensions are rising in New Seattle, and things are looking ugly for just about everyone, really. I’ve always admired this show’s willingness and ability to change up the status quo, and they keep doing that.