iZombie: All’s Well That Ends Well


Last time out for Liv and the gang. 

A little over five years ago, I heard about a new show coming to the CW. It had a few strikes against it in my mind, and I wasn’t sure how much of it I’d end up watching. It was an obscure Vertigo property, and those often don’t translate well to tv. It also, while a DC Comics title, wouldn’t be connecting with the rest of the “Arrowverse.” I had some doubts, but I decided to give the first episode a whirl. Five seasons and 71 episodes later, iZombie is coming to an end, and I’m sorry to see it go, I truly am. Borrowing from Shakespeare, the finale is “All’s Well That Ends Well.” This is both a season and series finale, so there will be some spoilers.

After the chaos and coup last episode, Major is trying to find new clothes when he sees a bulletin from Enzo, who has taken over Fillmore-Graves. Major is a wanted man with his picture all over the news. That’s not going to make anything any easier for him. Elsewhere, a zombie goes outside and gets gunned down by a group of Dead Enders, led by the vile Dolly Durkin.

Returning from the Atlanta heist, Liv is getting more and more nervous as her seatmate is sure she knows Liv from somewhere. There’s a lot of hurried texting between Liv, Ravi, and Clive. Enzo briefs his staff about Dolly and her killing spree. The woman has put up some impressive numbers in the last twenty-four hours. Collins, Major’s long-time aide, gets a call, and tells Enzo Major wants to come in and join the fight. There’s a lot of mistrust on both ends there.

Between them, Liv and company come up with a plan to keep the nosy neighbor quiet. There are some comic mishaps along the way, and an amusing mistaken identity that’s a kind of in joke for the show’s creator. Major comes in and, to no surprise, Enzo turns on him, outlining what will happen to the former Commander.

Peyton, also not in a good place, gets told to change into a special outfit, and gets some advice from Don. Clive gets some surprising news from back home and wants to get back faster, but there’s no way to do that in mid-air. One of the flight crew neatens up after Liv’s neighbor, and makes a surprising discovery. Major is led to the cells by the traitor Ames, and then there’s a reversal of fortunes courtesy of a friend. As Major makes his escape, Liv and her companions get a good surprise for once.

Don and Blaine talk about Peyton, and the current muscle comes in with some chemicals for the well on the property, which is apparently having some issues. There’s a development with the prisoners, that Blaine is sociopathically indifferent to. Peyton stages a breakout, but all does not go well, which is even worse when it’s the last episode and anything could happen. Enzo makes a discovery and we lose another long-running character.

The away team gets home, and Clive takes off to deal with his news. Liv and Ravi are puzzled by what they find and who they don’t, and try to put the pieces together. There’s a reunion and some sad news. Liv makes the hard choice and tells Ravi he needs to go ahead with the cure while she handles things at Blaine’s dad’s mansion. Some of the more recently made zombies ask some really good questions that Liv doesn’t have an answer for. Clive gets where he needs to be, eventually, and that’s one subplot that seems to be going well.

Ravi does his work, and Major comes in. They share some bad news and some other problems. Major comes up with a plan to make things go faster, possibly. Blaine decides to go treat the well himself after Don’s comic entrance, and Don takes his place at the dinner table with the “ball and chain” as Blaine says. There are a string of surprising developments and Don takes off on a new mission.  Blaine addresses some comments to his dad down into the well, where the man was imprisoned for so long. Blaine describes a fate worse than death and then gets a version of that served up almost immediately. Liv arrives, takes care of Don, and has a surprising and tearful reunion. Ravi and Major bring their idea to the always erratic Johnny Frost, who isn’t that interested. In the background, a familiar face skulks nearby. Although why he’s there is never really explained.

Enzo leads a Fillmore-Graves team to the tv station to make more announcements, and several plots start colliding. Frost’s attempt at a public service announcement gets interrupted by Enzo, who at this point isn’t worrying about his public relations image. Enzo’s lecture gets interrupted in turn when Major comes in and talks about the cure Enzo wants hushed up. A lot happens in the next few moments, including a fight where the person who loses laughs and proves a point, a lot of gunfire, and the end of a few characters. Dolly leads a team of Dead Enders to the station and a pitched battle rages in the parking lot, where Dolly does something proving beyond a doubt she’s devoid of most normal emotions.

Liv gets back to the morgue and Clive finally gets ahold of her. When she says she’s been too busy to watch tv and her phone battery is dead, Clive tells her some bad news. There are a few explanations among the characters that survived at the tv station, but those don’t get to Liv. Another character drops by to check on our heroine, and there’s another attack and a tragic ending.

The epilogue is set ten years later. Dale and Clive are co-captains in another city, and Clive gets a reminder about an appearance he agreed to make. He’s a guest on a VR show, as are two other characters we’ve grown to know and love. There’s a lot of talk about the Battle of Seattle, the ones they lost, and some reported sightings of people reported dead. These rumors are shot down as the three handle questions and play off each other really well. Finally, the show ends and the host logs off or whatever it is with that gear. The three talk, and are joined by some surprising guests. There’s a very nice wrap up, several happy endings for the survivors, and the episode lives up to its title, largely.

What I liked: A lot of the characters got what they deserved. There were a whole series of dizzying reveals and switch ups throughout the episode, and it was done well. All the major plots get resolved, and it’s a fitting end to the show that changed its status quo so many times. They managed a good wrap up.

What I didn’t: Some characters very much didn’t deserve what they got. One of the rumored survivors is very disappointing to me, as were some of the deaths. I’m very much going to miss this show.

It was a fun ride. There were a lot of great moments, and I really enjoyed all the main characters, and most of the supporting ones. I’ll give the finale a 4 out of 5, and the series a 5 out of 5 overall. Farewell, New Seattle, and the most original take on zombies I’ve ever seen.