The Boys: You Found Me

The Boys has been a dark, arguably horrific look at a world where superheroes have the fame, influence, and power of major celebrities, complete with serious corporate backing from the mysterious Vought Corporation. While most of the supes are far from heroes, we’ve seen some good things from a few people in the series, and seen a lot of complicated secrets and conspiracies,

Stargirl: Summer School, Chapter Five

For a show that started off relatively bright and sunny, Stargirl has really developed a dark side. Eclipso is loose in Blue Valley, and that’s bad news for everyone. Now there’s creepiness in the shadows, unexpected allies and enemies, and a lot happening behind the scenes.

Supergirl: Dream Weaver

Supergirl’s final season continues with an odd mix of adventure, more social issues, and some character decisions. Brainiac 5 is still off returning Zor-El to Argo City, and Lena is off in search of her past, so it’s a slightly reduced cast this week. Making up for that, Kelly is back from her odd absence last week, when they actually needed her skill set.

Titans: Lady Vic

Gotham City has not been good for the Titans. Jason Todd returned here after his time on the team, got killed, came back, and is now the villainous Red Hood. The team came in the aftermath, and Hawk was killed, Dove leaving the team in grief.

Legends of Tomorrow: There Will Be Brood

The Legends of Tomorrow are usually a fun bunch with some weird adventures. I’ve heard about some of the changes coming up, and not liked any of them. Well, they’re making me less happy in how they’re getting there, as they make some questionable choices this episode.

The Boys: The Self-Preservation Society

The Boys has been a very dark look into the world of superheroes. It’s compelling viewing, which is impressive as I generally don’t like shows where the majority of the characters are hard, if not impossible, to like. But the world building and the really twisted story, as well as the bits of history they’ve shown, have me very intrigued.

Stargirl: Summer School, Chapter Three

One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most about Stargirl is the history from DC’s older characters they’ve managed to bring in, bit by bit. They’ve created some interesting mysteries (Why was Dr. Midnight so much older than he should have been? Where are the rest of the Seven Soldiers of Victory?) but still respect at least most of the various character’s pasts.