Flash: Negative, Part One

Flash and his friends struggle to figure out what’s going on, and they’re a few steps behind throughout the episode. Other surprises include more visitors, the truth behind an ally, some troubling decisions, and a shocking ending.

Ms. Marvel: Time and Again

Ms. Marvel has been a fantastic series so far. It’s visually stunning and clever, Iman Vellani is doing wonderfully as the titular hero, and they’re taking time to flesh out the characters and family relationships.

Ms. Marvel: Seeing Red

Now, after a call from her grandmother, Kamala is in for a major change of scenery. It’s a bold move, leaving most of your established cast behind midway through a limited series.

Legends of Tomorrow: Too Legit To Quit

Now the team has this episode, and one more, to wrap things up before the season ends. For now, the team is “Too Legit To Quit.” Despite the title nod and other musical stars occasionally popping up, MC Hammer doesn’t guest star this week.

Legends of Tomorrow: The Fixed Point

Since the Legends lost the Waverider at the start of the season (technically, the end of last season), they’ve been on the run in one way or another. Now the time-lost adventurers have come up with a new plan to try and get the evil version of Gideon off their collective backs.