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HAPPY LIFE DAY! Celebrating our first anniversary here at CBC


I know, I shouldn’t invoke the Star Wars Holiday Special for any reason, but you’ve gotta love that Princess Leia song.  Anyway, Here’s a few news items, a quick look at our first year of publication and a few hints at what we’re working toward in 2016.  Read the rest of this entry

CBC Author Roster is rounding out!

As you can see (unless you’re on the mobile site), the CBC Author widget is starting to populate are our writers get settled into the system.  They’ll be bringing you coverage on any number of topics.  I’ve heard all sorts of interesting ideas being bandied about, including new book coverage, TV reviews, bi weekly introspective series… all kinds of stuff!  And, I’m sure we’ll chime in with our thoughts about the major Marvel blockbusters in 2015 and beyond – not mention any major news stories that drop.

Anyway, just wanted to give you an idea of what was in store – stay tuned!

Welcome to Comic Book Clog!

Welcome to Comic Book Clog!

You ever feel like there’s so much comic related stuff your head’s gonna explode?  Well, I feel ya.  At Comic Book Clog, we’ll try to deliver everything to you in one place.  Our authors will tackle weeklies, movies, tv shows, related news, collectables – you name it!

We’re still getting our house in order around here, but there’ll be more content coming soon!

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