How Comics Changed My Life


What inspires people to try new things? What motivates people to do what they do? For me, it is simple: I’m motivated to become the greatest fighter in the world. However, what got me inspired to begin writing is a whole different story.

I started collecting comics in my senior year of high school but stopped because of how much money I was spending. I was spending like 60 bucks a visit to the comic bookstore. Now $60 might not sound like a lot to you but back then that was a huge chunk for me. I was a martial arts instructor back then and really didn’t make a whole lot of money. I bought a $90 comic book one time. It was The Amazing Spider-Man #238, the first appearance of Hobgoblin. Who I always thought was Harry Osborn, but it was actually Roderick Kingsley. I have no idea why I always thought Harry was the Hobgoblin. Maybe it was Spider-Man 3 that confused me.

Fast forward 4 years into the future, I no longer teach martial arts or go to school. I train full time and work as a P.E. Aide in Pasadena at an elementary school. One of my favorite shows was Comic Book Men on AMC. The show is actually the reason I started collecting comics in the first place. I looked up the show to see if they were still making episodes and found out they had cancelled the show. I was sad to read the news but happy to hear the whole show was on Amazon Prime. I ran to room turned on my PS4, downloaded the Amazon Prime app and started watching from the beginning. I had forgotten in those 4 years how amazing and spectacular comic books are. The worse part about it was that about 2 months ago I gave one of my closest friends my only key issue, The Amazing Spider-Man #238. He had been asking for it for a couple months, so I finally gave it to him thinking to myself I am forever done collecting comic books. I was dead wrong!

I go on my first comic collection run in 4 years and I go like $20 over budget. I am making better money now but have more bills and responsibilities also. I start looking online for ways to make extra money and I can’t get a second job because training takes up half of my day. I start taking surveys online but that takes like 6 hours just to make $10. That is not enough to cover my comic expenses. I start selling stuff online but don’t really have anything to sell. Then one night I was reading a Fantastic Four comic featuring Spider-Man and I get the best idea from Peter Parker. In the comic it talks about how Peter is going to the Daily Bulge to turn in some photographs and how he is a freelance photographer. I pause, read that speech bubble again and yell, “THAT’S IT, I’ll become a freelancer like Spider-Man.”

The next morning, I start looking up freelance websites and guides. In the process I stumble across freelance writing and copywriting. Now I never been much of a writer, but I am really enjoying it. I am now studying copywriting and guest posting on websites. It is crazy how Spider-Man has helped me find a new and exciting field that I can make a career out of. Don’t get me wrong the main goal is still to become The Greatest Fighter In The World, but I’m not delusional. I know I can’t fight forever and need something to do after I retire. I plan to never stay still, always improving and always learning. Writing will keep me sharp and focused. Thank you, Spider-Man, for helping me find a new career path. Also thank you Stan Lee for creating Spider-Man and all the fantastic, amazing, incredible, and astonishing characters that have inspired millions.

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