Legion: Chapter 27

Legion has been a really strange show since the first episode. Then again, the main character, David Haller, was one of the stranger critters in Marvel’s X-Men books: the bastard son of X-Men founder Charles Xavier, with multiple personality disorder and each personality having a different power.

Legion: Chapter 25

                Chapter 24 was described as David going to war, and that fits fairly well. He cut a huge swath through Division Three, which will happen with a vastly powerful superhuman who has mental issues and very little restraint.

Legion: Chapter 23

          Time is a big part of Legion’s third and final season. Time’s also running out, as Chapter 23 is the halfway point. The show remains as oddly surreal as ever, and the David vs Division Three war gets more complicated.

Legion: Chapter 22

      In the comics, one of the important facts about David “Legion” Haller is that his father is the famous (or infamous) Charles Xavier, Professor X, founder of the X-Men. This episode finally addresses that, although with a few changes to the story.

Legion Chapter 21

        The general insanity that is Legion continues with Chapter 21. Even the recap doesn’t sound sure what’s been going on, since it starts with “Ostensibly on Legion.”

Legion: Chapter 20

After a longer than normal break, Fox’s Legion returns for its third and final season. The show remains just as surreal as it has been the last two seasons, although with a major status quo change.