Legion: Chapter 26


And now, back to Charles Xavier’s Summer Vacation

With so much of this season about time travel, I just have to say it: time’s almost up for Legion. After this episode, there’s only one more to close out the season and the series. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of this, but I give them points for creativity and some interesting choices. Legion certainly stands out from any other hero show I’ve seen.

After a recap that starts with “Evidently, on Legion…” (even they don’t seem entirely sure what’s going on with their own show), we see Charles Xavier having a nightmare/premonition that introduces a few things we’ll see again soon. Xavier has never been able to see the future before, so I don’t know if this is from David’s power, or an effect of the time demons, or the writers are just being weird. Any or all of those are possible.

Waking from his troubling dreams, Xavier lands in Morocco, and gets an unexpected greeting and a ride, which is handy as he wasn’t entirely sure where he was going. As this goes on, or maybe “as” isn’t the right word, all things considered, David and Switch make their way back along the time corridor, but it’s not behaving normally, worrying both of them. David gets trapped on his own, has a flashback to an earlier meeting with Farouk, and uses his power to free himself. Farouk himself is in the time between time that we’ve seen before.

Xavier gets to a very large house and meets Farouk for the first time. Xavier is still a bit unsure what’s going on, but Farouk is friendly, and welcoming, and so glad to see him. Xavier has questions, and Farouk seems to know a great deal more than he should. As dinner arrangements are made, the modern era Farouk keeps flitting around in the strange world he’s trapped in.

Gabrielle Haller once again sees the strange doors on her front walk. I’m not sure if this is reliving the time we saw them before, or if it’s a recurring thing, but I think it’s the first. Syd, Cary, and Kerry (all that’s left of Division Three, I believe) appear on the lawn, coming through the time door they snuck in. Gabrielle and Syd have a conversation about doors, the meaning of life, baby’s brains, and the destructive role of men in their lives. Syd has convinced herself she’s in the wrong place when she hears something that stops her in her tracks.

Xavier and Farouk share dinner and the Astral Plane, where they talk about the many kids in Farouk’s house, and a pet monkey. Farouk teaches Xavier about mental constructs and talks about loneliness. Farouk shares some of his history, says again how grateful he was when Xavier reached out, and puts on a shadow play that he assures Charles the kids love. This is also the source of the nickname he goes by. Xavier recognizes the play and hears a familiar phrase once again. Xavier gets several surprises, culminating in the sudden appearance of David. David brings them into a safe room in his mind, another impressive trick Xavier doesn’t know yet, and shares knowledge and cake. David gives Xavier a warning about what’s going on, and smugly assures him they have an advantage this time, since now it’s the two of them versus Farouk. Is anything ever that easy?

Kerry tends to the very battered Cary, who has definitely looked better. Syd comes to talk, and they have a far-ranging debate about time travel, things changing, and the old moral question about killing Hitler when he was a baby, but with a more specific focus on their own problem. Syd talks about what she experienced with Oliver and Melanie, which Kerry doesn’t seem to believe. All you’ve seen and been through, Kerry, and that’s the part you can’t buy? Syd holds out hope they can change things for the better, and we see through some ripples and repeats that the time effects are catching up with them. They both decide to stay as things start looking bad down in the Haller’s basement.

Farouk welcomes Xavier to breakfast and rhapsodizes about last night’s thunder. David walks in, dressed like a soldier, and he and Xavier have clearly spent some time putting together a story. Farouk is confused, and even more so when he tries to read David’s mind and hears a very unusual form of blocking instead. Flustered, Farouk rushes off. Switch makes an appearance (I was wondering where she was) and doesn’t look that good. Once again inside David’s mind, he explains, and we start to see David’s vs. Xavier’s outlook. Things take a turn in David’s head, and they get some company that seems not entirely sure on the difference between justice and revenge. Xavier reacts to their threatening with his own power. He might be new at this, comparatively, but he has over and over been described as the most powerful telepath on Earth.

Xavier ends up back in some déjà vu, while Syd does chores for, and chats with, Gabrielle. They talk about Syd’s literal second childhood and David’s family history, which produces some ideas Syd had never considered. Syd gives Gabrielle some very direct advice which makes Syd sound utterly crazy. Gabrielle has her doubts about what’s happening, despite Syd’s reassurances. Syd gets proof that things aren’t going as well as she’d like and that an old foe is popping up.

Kerry has a conversation with Cary, doing her best to explain his wounds, their location, and the shift in the purpose of their mission. She is, at least, honest about what she doesn’t know. The time demons start showing up, and Kerry gets ready to do battle. One of them gets to infant David, and goes through a strange sequence with the room around him before moving to actually threaten the child. Syd steps in to save him, and the demon’s efforts are reversed. Or undone. Whichever of those works in this instance. The basement appears to be the source of a lot more trouble.

The last scene is even more confusing than usual for this show. David talks to himselves, and has flashbacks from throughout his life. Xavier wanders Farouk’s home and has an encounter with one of the kids that shows right off the bat Farouk has been lying to him. Xavier uses his power the help the child, and gets a few more surprises. They talk about their options, and fatherhood, and Xavier’s odd experience with it at the moment. David outlines a plan to go after Farouk. Farouk himself gets a visitor that may change everything.

What I liked: It’s nice to see Syd is compassionate about what she feels she has to do. Kerry is at least consistent. The Xavier/David meeting is a long time coming, and not what anyone expected. I guessed it wouldn’t happen, but it’s a shame Patrick Stewart didn’t come on for this, although I get it not working and Harry Lloyd is doing a fine job.

What I didn’t: David, for all his problems and power, just can’t seem to catch a break, and I feel sorry for him. Farouk, on the other hand, is an evil slug who things keep working out for. I’m worried about Switch and Cary.

I’ll give this a 3 out of 5. It’s going to be an interesting conclusion next time.