Coming Next Year: Gotham Knights (No, not the video game)

Whatever the fate of the related Arrowverse series, the end is not quite here for the concept of these shows. While I’ve heard little about the “Gotham U” show that’s supposed to figure David Ramsey’s John Diggle since the initial announcement, there’s at least one more show coming to the CW.

Supergirl: All About Eve

Things go from bad to worse in Supergirl’s “All About Eve.” Despite being in the title, Eve Tessmacher doesn’t actually show up much in the episode, although she’s certainly talked about a lot. We see some friendships mended, an ugly plan looking worse and worse, one ally resolving a crisis, and another just starting one.

Flash: Dead or Alive

HR Wells takes over the introductory narration for Flash’s “Dead or Alive.” That kind of makes sense, since a lot of the episode is about him. As the intro goes on, we gradually see that the voiceover is actually part of one of Wells’ books that we’ve heard about before. He’s also taking Flash’s place…

Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon 2

Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon 2 Writer: David Liss Artist: Kewber Baal Colorist: Adriano Augusto Letterer: Tom Napolitano Cover: Ken Lashley and Pete Pantazis Dynamite Comics has started their new volume of Green Hornet. There are additions and surprises this go around, and it’s a fun ride. Dynamite is expanding on the Hornet’s world,…