Doom Patrol: Fun Sized Patrol

After an impressive first season, the arguably strangest superheroes in the world are back. The Doom Patrol apparently has a much shorter second season, but they’re off to a crazed and crammed start.

Agents of SHIELD: The New Deal

The Agents of SHIELD have been through a lot. Spinning out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even having a few guest stars from the MCU, the agents have drifted further and further from the movies, and the hoped-for crossover, or at least connection, with the now defunct Marvel/Netflix shows never happened. The show itself…

Arrow: Starling City

  It can be argued the modern era of superhero television got its start with Smallville. That show to one side, the more direct start would have to be Arrow, which spawned the CW DC Universe, which is up to five shows now and hundreds of characters.

Flash: Into the Void

Season Five of The Flash ended on a serious downbeat, as the future was rewritten and Nora/XS was erased from the present. It was a shocking surprise, and an unexpected end to the season.

Supergirl: Event Horizon

    In the fifth season of Supergirl, there are a lot of changes to the show. I have to say, overall, I don’t care for the ones I’ve seen so far, or most of the ones I hear are coming. Hopefully, if nothing else, they will at least stop clubbing us over the head with modern morality plays.

Batwoman: Pilot

      The CW has been doing a good to great job of adapting the DC Universe to live action, depending on the show and/or episode. The majority of the shows are in a shared universe, like the Marvel/Netflix ones were, and they’ve been doing a good job of building a comprehensive world.

Titans: Trigon

Last season of Titans ended in a major cliffhanger. Trigon made it to Earth, Dick fell under his sway, and his most powerful allies are trapped outside the cloaking/force field.

Jessica Jones: AKA The Perfect Burger

        Everyone’s favorite snarky, alcoholic, super-powered private investigator is back for her third and final season, as Netflix continues to finish off the partnership with Marvel. It’s a damn shame, considering the shows and the shared universe were fantastic, but nothing lasts forever. To quote a more famous Marvel hero, “Part of the journey is the end.”