Sandman: The Doll’s House

The Sandman has a very complicated history. While the title was part of the Vertigo line, it was still part of the wider DC Universe, and some heroes and villains came in and out of the book. They’ve made the decision to not bring in any superhero characters, so some slightly different versions of some of these characters appear in the series.

Sandman: 24/7

Otherwise known as “The Diner story” when it’s talked about, the episode is titled “24/7.” This is the most disturbing episode so far, and if memory serves, the worst we’re likely to see this season. This is going to be a very short review, because this is mostly high drama and I try to avoid spoilers.

Sandman: A Hope in Hell

One of my favorite issues throughout the several years long run was early on, when Morpheus went to hell to reclaim what was his. That, somewhat adapted, is what we see in “A Hope in Hell.”

Doom Patrol: Dead Patrol

Now, they deal with versions of the afterlife, strange magic, really weirdly expressed grief, and get some guest stars from one of the greatest comic book series of all time. “Dead Patrol” is a really busy episode.

iZombie: Bye, Zombies

       The end is almost here. After five fun seasons, iZombie is about to wrap up. This, the second-to-last episode, has the arguably confusing title of “Bye, Zombies,” which makes it sound like the finale. Instead, it’s a lot of build up to, “How are they possibly handling all this in one episode?”

iZombie: Killer Queen

Things are both ratcheting up and winding down as the end of iZombie comes closer and closer. They once again manage to balance an entertaining murder of the week and the major plotlines moving forward.