Jessica Jones: The Octopus

After the very messy (on several levels) end of last episode, Jessica Jones “AKA The Octopus” starts off with Jessica pacing in a holding cell.

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Jessica Jones: AKA God Help The Hobo

Jessica Jones continues her second season with “AKA God Help The Hobo.” She starts off with another voice-over reflecting on how the heat of summer is affecting everyone.

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Jessica Jones: Sole Survivor

Jessica Jones’ “AKA Sole Survivor” starts off cleaning up from last episode, in a typically unique Jessica way. She and Trish pay a visit to a summer vacation spot from Jessica’s childhood, but not exactly for sentimental reasons.

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Jessica Jones: Who The Hell Was That?

There will be spoilers here for Jessica Jones, Season Two. If you have not watched that yet, be warned.

Jessica’s second season opens with a variety of screwball clients, including one who claims to have powers, but only when scared.

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Defenders: The Defenders

The Defenders wrap up their first season with a lot of things going on. There’s no announcement as yet about a second season, but it was months before they confirmed season two of Iron Fist, so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The basis for some friendships are formed, among both the heroes and at least some of the supporting cast. And at least one character takes a major step towards their comic book incarnation.

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