Jessica Jones: I Did Something Today


Why did all of our shows end? WHY???

Last episode ended with the shocking death of Dorothy Walker, and Trish going to get her revenge on Salinger. Jessica, guided by both her own moral code and her love for Trish, stopped her sister from doing something she couldn’t come back from and got her out of there. Now, there will be repercussions, heightened tension, and a lot of trying to manage fallout. By the end of it, a lot of the characters would be able to say, “I Did Something Today.”

After getting Trish away from the scene, Jessica spends a lot of time cleaning her sister up. Once again, Jessica’s experience comes into play as she systematically destroys as much evidence as she can. Don’t get me wrong, I get why she’s doing this, but Jessica is drifting into all sorts of felony territory here. As Trish collapses in on herself, Jessica does everything she can to get her through this crisis, with an outpouring of emotion that’s very rare for our hero. As the two discuss options, Costa calls several times. To see “what we’re up against,” Jessica takes the call finally, and Costa is concerned about Trish and Jessica both, offering support and protection. There’s more news, good or bad depending a lot on your perspective, as Costa relays the details of the attack on Salinger, the hair from the body in Wappinger Falls finally being studied, and the hunt for the Masked Trish intensifying. Jessica tries to cut a deal, but what she wants just isn’t going to happen. To round out the bad news end of things, Costa tells her about the press conference Jeri is giving. Jeri is continuing her anti-vigilante stance by placing a surprisingly large bounty up for grabs for whoever brings in Beanie Girl. I’m impressed, considering we keep hearing how much trouble Jeri’s firm is having. Jessica gets a troubling text, leaves to check on a few things, and urges Trish to stay hidden and off the streets.

The echoes of those events at the end of last episode keep spreading out and hitting more people. Malcolm talks with Jeri at the office, and has his doubts about her methods. Lost in righteous fury, and probably glad to be distracted from her multiple problems, Jeri keeps ranting about lawless vigilantes. Jessica calls Malcolm, they debate what Trish has done, and Jessica asks for help. In disguise and breaking all sorts of rules and regulations, and arguably a law or two, Jessica goes to visit Salinger in the hospital. He’s got her attention, and makes some demands, threatening Trish with exposure and imprisonment on the Raft. Marvel Comics has several superhuman prisons, the Raft being the only one so far to make it to the MCU. Interestingly, Salinger says no one ever hears from prisoners that go to the Raft again. We saw Cap stage a jailbreak at the end of Civil War, so we know that’s not true. Then again, if a popular outlaw hero managed a raid on a high security government installation, I might keep it quiet, too. Either way, it was another nice, and increasingly rare, tie to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whatever happens, Jessica is in a no-win situation that’s going to test her morals. Save your sister, or let a serial killer go free? It’s a good, “What would you do?” question to debate with friends, family, or loved ones sometime.

Things aren’t going smoothly at Alias, either. Jessica comes in, snapping out orders, and Gillian goes on packing up her desk, offering up snark, then condolences when Jessica returns it. A knock at the door generates more wiseass comments from Gillian, giving Erik a good entrance line. He offers his sympathy and whatever help he can to Jessica. Erik’s far from an angel, but he’s a decent guy under all the crap he’s done, and he clearly cares for Jessica. Actually, I think he and Peter Quill/Star-Lord would be an interesting team up. Despite announcing her resignation, Gillian keeps answering the phone while Jessica and Erik talk. She outlines her dilemma, and he doesn’t hesitate to offer help and support. He even has an idea where to start, which is better than where Jessica was at this particular moment. She is going through a lot, and, all things considered, probably handling it better than most would.

Some problems of her own making come back to Jeri, who of course looks on this as an opportunity. I’m really sorry this series is ending, but I won’t be at all unhappy to see the last of Jeri Hogarth. Laurent Lyonne lays out his mother’s newest problem, asks for help, and then touchingly asks Jeri not to hurt Kith anymore. Oh, kid, you really don’t know who you’re talking to, do you? In the land of no good options, Erik has reached out and set up a meeting between Jessica and Officer Carl Nussbaumer, a very crooked cop. Erik lays out the man’s impressively dirty resume to Jessica as they go the meet, and Jessica gets the first step towards doing the unthinkable and helping Salinger. Out of concern, Erik does something fairly stupid that’s going to make things harder later. The cop isn’t happy, and does something right at the start of the meeting that shows how bent he is, but agrees to help, since he really has no choice. After getting a read on the man, Erik once again regrets some of his previous life choices.

Meeting up with your ex can be awkward and difficult at the best of times. Meeting up with your ex by bringing them things to hide out/go on the run with and having some serious moral differences pushes it to a whole other level as Malcolm pays a visit to Trish. They clearly don’t see eye to eye on nearly anything at this point, and Trish’s comments show how deeply entrenched she is in self-justification and a very skewed view of the world. That’s not going to help anything. She also has less than ideal neighbors. Never one to take no for an answer, or act decently, Jeri goes to one of Kith’s rehearsals. Kith is far from happy with her, and spits out some harsh but true comments. Jeri apparently got bitten by the truth serum bug, and suddenly shares some of the many things she did wrong during the course of their original relationship back in college. As you might expect, none of this really impresses Kith, so Jeri tells her a few more things before the outraged and grieving musician exits, leaving the scheming lawyer behind.

Erik and Jessica plot their break-in out in his car. Erik remarks about doing the right thing being new territory for him, and recounts a tragic story about when he first started getting his abilities. He looks haunted as he tells the tale, Jessica holding his hand and Benjamin Walker giving a great performance here. These are two superpowered, damaged people who the more I see, the more I like together. The story also throws a lot of light on why his sister Berry is so messed up. Jessica goes to meet Nussbaumer to get inside the evidence lab. I’m glad she took the precaution of pulling her hood up at least, but between her signature outfit and her known, vested interest in this case, she really should have worn something different. Putting in extra hours, Detective Costa is here, pushing the lab tech for answers. With guidance from Erik, Jessica does something to clear her path (although definitely not the air), accomplishes her mission without leaving tell-tale traces of her presence (no broken doors and she actually wears gloves for once), and gets out. Returning to the car, she asks Erik a question that shows how shaken she is, but at least gets a reassuring response.

In the hospital, Salinger interrupts his treatment to take a call from Jessica. They have a minimal conversation and conclude their bargain, although that requires a lot of trust on Jessica’s part. I’d have at least taken some precautions were I her. The bandages removed, we get our first good look at Salinger’s post-Trish face, and she certainly left her mark. Crime complete, Jessica and Erik go break the news to Trish. She’s not happy to see Erik, and slaps him, which he accepts. She’s a lot less happy when Jessica tells her what they did. Trish and Jessica argue, and I understand both of their points of view. It’s a rough spot to be in for both of them. Finally, they agree to split up the various tasks that follow a violent death, and Jessica gives Trish some advice on how to keep their coverup alive. While Trish takes a depressing tour of her mother’s place/crime scene, Jessica drinks and does a voiceover about what Trish needed versus what she got.

The bad news keeps coming, this time at Hogarth’s firm. Malcolm marches in to Jeri’s office, tells her the truth about the Masked Trish’s break-in, and even shows evidence backing up his story. What possessed the man, I don’t know. I guess he was feeling particularly self-destructive. At the same time, he quits and Jeri fires him. She keeps going on, justifying herself, making it sound like she’s some great crusader for justice and Malcolm is the bad guy for having morals. Jeri does figure out Malcolm knows who the MT is, but he won’t tell her. Researching funeral homes gets interrupted when Costa comes to Jessica’s place, telling her the bad news about the evidence. One of the problems with this kind of lie is making other people go through the motions like this. The news is even worse for Costa, who is being used as a scapegoat by the department. A very good man is suffering from the series of bad decisions Trish has made, which really doesn’t sit well with me. Costa leaves, making Jessica feel even worse, which is impressive.

Just to make things as complicated and messy as possible, Jeri gets an unexpected visitor and receives some things she needs to help with one of her self-made problems. She then pulls a popular tv crime show trick that doesn’t work in the real world, and learns something that’s going to make several people’s lives difficult. I wonder if we could aim Salinger at Jeri somehow? Trish does a very unpleasant duty, all alone. The show wraps with Jessica being roused from a drunken stupor on her couch by an insistent knocking. More bad news has come, and she’s caught completely by surprise at this latest development.

What I liked: I keep saying this, but I really like Erik as a character, and as a partner for Jessica. He’s far from perfect, but then, neither is she, and that’s what makes it work. I really like Costa a lot. He’s a good, decent man, doing the best he can in the midst of chaos and political games. I was really surprised at Dorothy’s death, but I give the writers points for a bold choice and for following up on it well. The final scene dropped a nice cliffhanger on us. Jessica’s love for her sister has never been clearer than in this episode. Salinger is creepy, but smart and meticulous. Gillian remains entertaining, although I’m really not sure if she actually quit or not at this point.

What I didn’t: Trish is not only screwing up her own life, she’s really impacting everyone else’s around her. I feel especially bad for Costa, and she’s certainly not doing Malcolm any favors. Malcolm quitting, I get. His giving Jeri the original, unedited footage, I don’t, and that’s what led to her learning the big secret she did. I also don’t like that technique being so prevalent on tv when it’s utterly not even close to real.

It was another good episode of a great series. I’ll give this a high 3.5 out of 5. The echoes and shockwaves from this and last episode should make the last few shows really interesting, however it all spins out.