Superman and Lois: What Lies Beneath

Tyler Hoechlin has been a fantastic Superman and Clark Kent since he first turned up in season two of Supergirl. Elizabeth Tulloch, formerly on Grimm, debuted as Lois Lane during the Elseworlds crossover, and turned in a great performance of the famed reporter. The two make a very believable version of one of the world’s most famous couples, and their story through the first season may well be the best of the Arrowverse shows.

Supergirl: Kara

After six seasons, lots of monsters, game nights and Balcony Conversations™, Supergirl’s run comes to end. The show is reported to have ended over falling ratings, major delays and complications from the Coronavirus (I guess even Supergirl isn’t immune, get your shots!). This final season has been about Nxyly, Lex, and the race to control…

Titans: Troubled Water

Gotham is not an easy city to live in. I’m really not sure why anyone does. So far this season, we’ve seen the deaths of two heroes, the resurrection of one, another attempt suicide, another resurrection, and the Titans outplayed at almost every turn. Now Crane is on the offense, the team is taking hit after hit, and even for Gotham, things are looking bleak. Very little gets better in “Troubled Water.”

Batwoman: Antifreeze

Batwoman and company have their hands full this season. The stolen trophies from Batman’s vault are continuing to make their lives difficult, and now Ryan’s birth mother is causing problems for everyone. Just to make things more complex, her brother is playing a different game and seems to be not overly concerned with possible consequences.

Supergirl: Truth or Consequences

The final season of Supergirl has been uneven, and that might be kind. There have been some truly abysmal episodes, and a few decent, but not great ones. We’re back to the “decent” side of things, which is at least better than horrible.

Stargirl: Summer School Chapter Thirteen

The first season was a girl trying to become a hero. The second has been about a pervasive, brooding evil, at times more like a horror movie than a superhero action series. Now, Stargirl and her allies band together to try and end the malevolence of Eclipso as the Summer School series comes to an end with “Chapter 13.”