iZombie: Night and the Zombie City

The final season of iZombie is heading for the end, as tensions rise, factions dig in, and more cast members check out before the end. The murder of the week is more center stage than many of the episodes this season, but the looming threat to the city is still out there.

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Daredevil: Blindsided

  One of the things Daredevil has been great at is action. The fight scenes are done really, really, well, setting the bar higher for tv shows as far as I’m concerned. The realism they manage to capture, even with someone who is supposedly a master fighter like Matt used to be and is on his way back to, is very impressive.

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Legion: Chapter 22

      In the comics, one of the important facts about David “Legion” Haller is that his father is the famous (or infamous) Charles Xavier, Professor X, founder of the X-Men. This episode finally addresses that, although with a few changes to the story.

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