Supergirl: Elseworlds, Part 3

    Supergirl wraps up the annual crossover with “Elseworlds, Part 3.” Picking up pretty much where the last part left off, Barry and Oliver, now being seen as the outlaw Trigger Twins, face off against a black-suited Superman, who proves to be Dr. Deegan, the man causing all the problems for our heroes. The introductory voice over is even done by Deegan, although the phrasing sounds like it’s borrowed from Arrow’s usual lead in.

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Elseworlds Part 1

         I’m a superhero geek, and I really enjoy it when someone does something particularly good in the genre. The last several years, the CW/DC Comics shows have done an annual crossover, and I think they’ve been getting better and better.

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Krypton: Phantom Zone

As usual with season finales, there are likely going to be spoilers in this one. Be warned.

Krypton ends its first season with a title that is chilling for anyone who knows more than just the basics of the Superman mythos: “The Phantom Zone.”

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Krypton: Hope

The penultimate episode of Krypton’s first episode is “Hope.” Considering how things are going, I’m not sure how much of that they have at this point, but good to keep a positive attitude, I guess.

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Krypton: Word of Rao

Things are getting worse for Seg-El and his band of scruffy miscreants, as Krypton’s first season continues with us hearing from “The Word of Rao.”

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