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Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon 2


Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon 2

Writer: David Liss
Artist: Kewber Baal
Colorist: Adriano Augusto
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Cover: Ken Lashley and Pete Pantazis

Dynamite Comics has started their new volume of Green Hornet. There are additions and surprises this go around, and it’s a fun ride. Dynamite is expanding on the Hornet’s world, which is only fitting. After all, Green Hornet and Lone Ranger being related was the very first shared world/universe among masked heroes, long before either DC or Marvel were around.

Now, Chicago is being threatened by a new enemy. A man (probably) name Demone is moving in on the underworld, and he’s not just another crime boss. He seems to be invulnerable, which is not good, as the Green Hornet and Kato are both non-powered. Things are even more complicated by the appearance of the Swashbuckler, a masked hero who must have seen a few too many Douglas Fairbanks movies.

As if all this wasn’t enough, there’s the Hornet’s new research assistant Casey Case (love the character, not the name), Miss Travis the intrepid reporter, corruption in the police department, and some sort of elaborate trap in the offing for the Hornet. I’m not sure how long this series is supposed to run, but I’m really enjoying it. Things are definitely picking up speed in old Chicago.

Plot: I’ll give this a 3.5 out of 5 for plot. There’s a lot going on, but it’s building well and I’m really curious to see where it goes.

Art: I’ll go 3.5 out of 5 for this, too. I like the artwork. The fights occasionally look a bit off, but the rest of it is really good.

Positives: I’m intrigued by Swashbuckler. I like his theme, he’s clearly pretty damn smart, and he’s picking up on a lot of things others have missed. Demone is interesting, too. I’m not sure I remember the Hornet fighting a supervillain before, outside of his various team ups in other Dynamite comics.

Negatives: Not a lot. I’m hoping they explain what’s going on with Demone, as suddenly introducing powers into a non-powered world is a big change. But if they do it well, I’m ok with it.

I like this story so far, I enjoy classic characters like Green Hornet and Kato, and I’m really interested to see where this goes.

Lone Ranger/Green Hornet #1 review




I call myself a hero-geek, instead of a comic book geek, in part because my interest goes well outside comics. I’ve done my share of research on comic book characters, sure, but also on some of the ones that came before. The heroes before comics got their starts in books, or, as the popular medium of the time, radio. The Lone Ranger, who most people probably think of as a tv character (or the truly wretched Disney movie a few years ago), first popped up on a radio show in 1933. Later, the Green Hornet was created as a spinoff of sorts. For comic fans, this is actually a really significant and almost unknown trivia fact. Why? Well, if you like Marvel or DC Universes, guess what? The Lone Ranger and Green Hornet (who had an equally horrible movie) were the first heroes to share a world. The Green Hornet (Britt Reid) is the Lone Ranger’s (Jonathan Reid) great-nephew, and the Reid family fortune that’s part of the Green Hornet mythos was started on a silver mine, where someone used to get the makings for their trademark bullets… Read the rest of this entry

Red Sonja #18 review


This is Gail Simone’s last issue of Red Sonja, which is a shame. Then again, it’s issue eighteen of what was going to be a six issue run, so I can’t complain but so much. Sonja is defending the Spire, a tower that is something you don’t see in fantasy settings a lot- a library. Not much of a reader herself, in fact she’s borderline illiterate, Sonja has been won over by the dedication of the nuns who staff the library.

She has an ugly fight ahead of her. The Dowager Empress is displeased that the library is teaching women at all, and even more so that Sonja defeated the Empress’ first batch of guards. Now, she has sent her elite group of killers to deal with Sonja and the library. Sonja needs a really slick plan to defeat three of the best warriors in the Empress’ ranks. It’s a nasty fight with a few nice little surprises. Sonja doesn’t come out of it unscathed, but she does make a new enemy and ends up with a new look as Gail’s run comes to an end.  Read the rest of this entry

Legenderry Green Hornet #5 review


The two Hornets’ team up comes to an end in final issue of the mini-series. This issue came out some time ago, but I couldn’t get to it at the time. I’ve enjoyed all the Legenderry series, so I wanted to go back and make sure the finale got some attention.  Read the rest of this entry

Legenderry Red Sonja #5 review


This actually came out some time ago, but I had other commitments at the time. But, I really enjoyed this series and didn’t want to not review the final issue. The climax of the series shows Red on the island fortress of her foe, Dr. Frankenstein. Some of her allies fall, and some turn on her. There’s a lot of fighting and some last minute heroics from an unexpected source.

Red manages to come out on top, with a little help. There’s a happy ending, of sorts, for some of those she met along the way, and Victor Frankenstein is dealt with, hopefully permanently. The issue ends with Red on her new ship (and which one it is comes as a surprise, too) sailing off to hopefully more adventures.

Plot: The entire story, as well as the final issue here, is a fun adventure tale. Red Sonja is a lot of fun, depending on who writes her, and Andreyko is great with strong female characters. The story has a fine, swashbuckler feel to it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll give the series as whole a 4.5 for plot, and the final issue a 4 out of 5.  Read the rest of this entry

Red Sonja #17 review


The issue begins on the heels of what must have been a hell of a victory party. Red had herself an orgy (she actually uses the word at one point) and wakes up in the midst of the “morning after.” It looks like it was impressive. Well, she doesn’t wake up, she’s woken up. Read the rest of this entry

Dresden FIles: Downtown #6 review


One of the reasons I really love the Dresden Files is Jim Butcher’s characters. The idea behind the series is great– magic and mythological creatures in modern Chicago– but the characters really make it fly. I’m a huge fan of the title character, the wizard Harry Dresden. In this mini, a few of his supporting cast get a fair amount of screen time, and I like the choices- Harry’s apprentice, Molly Carpenter, the gangster who’s far too smart for everyone’s good, John Marcone, and Mouse the Fu Dog.  Read the rest of this entry

Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja/Jungle Girl


In the Swords of Sorrow series, Gail Simone is teaming up a lot of the ladies from classic pulp literature. She’s joked that it’s the ‘women who don’t wear much’ series, which she hadn’t realized until she started seeing concept art. In addition to the main series, there are several spin off series, with a closer look at the various team-ups going on. Red Sonja and Jungle Girl make an entertaining pairing, and certainly illustrate Gail’s point about their wardrobe, or lack thereof.  Read the rest of this entry

Dresden Files: Downtown #5


Deep beneath the streets of Chicago, the somewhat unlikely team of Harry Dresden, Molly Carpenter, Mouse, and Johnny Marcone face off against a very powerful sorcerer. This is the man behind the golem that’s been terrorizing the city, killing off Marcone’s “clients.”  Read the rest of this entry

Legenderry Vampirella #5 review

lv5All good things must come to an end. Sadly, this includes the various Legenderry series. I’m hoping more of them come along soon. Vampirella’s story ends here in a well-executed fashion, with the door left open for more stories down the road.  Read the rest of this entry

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