Dresden Files: Downtown #5


Deep beneath the streets of Chicago, the somewhat unlikely team of Harry Dresden, Molly Carpenter, Mouse, and Johnny Marcone face off against a very powerful sorcerer. This is the man behind the golem that’s been terrorizing the city, killing off Marcone’s “clients.” 

As Harry and the sorcerer clash with magic and words both, Marcone and Molly find a prisoner and a strange idol. The golem’s next target is really bad news, and even Marcone is a bit rattled. Harry gets off a few great lines like, “Reason doesn’t work against weapons-grade crazy.” The sorcerer proves a lot harder to kill than anyone thought.

Eventually, the combined forces of the heroes (and Marcone) prevail, so all’s well, right? Not quite. What looks like it was a defeat for the bad guy doesn’t actually end the danger. Marcone may have a way to stop the out of control magical menace, but it’s something that Dresden is just not going to allow to happen. The issue ends on that rather tense note.

Plot: This is a great continuation of the Dresden story. Butcher being part of it makes it fit in perfectly with the novels. Marcone is an unpredictable presence who is not any less dangerous for having no magical powers. I’ll give this a 4 out of 5 for the plot.

Art: The art is really nicely done. The magic being hurled around, the golem, and the various characters all look good. I’ll give the art a 4 out of 5.

Positives: First and most importantly, this feels like part of the Dresden Files. The characters are dead on perfect, but again, Jim Butcher, who created the series, is part of it. Molly and Harry’s magics have always been slightly different, and they are shown that way here, as is the nameless sorcerer’s. And Marcone is ruthless and effective, and Mouse loyal and brave.

Negatives: Harry, Marcone, and company have been cut off from their various allies a bit too easily and neatly. Undertown is supposed to be a place of mystery and danger, and the sorcerer (who I’d really like a name for) seems to have carved out a place of his own a bit too easily.

I’m a huge fan of both the Dresden Files and Jim Butcher. This is a great addition to the Dresden mythos. I’ve enjoyed all these Dresden comic series from Dynamite, and this one is no exception. I’m looking forward to the next issue, even though it’s the last in the miniseries.

Dresden Files: Downtown 5

Writer: Jim Butcher and Mark Powers
Artist: Carlos Gomez
Colorist: Mohan
Letterer: Bill Tortolini
Cover: Stjepan Sejic