Krypton: Phantom Zone

As usual with season finales, there are likely going to be spoilers in this one. Be warned.

Krypton ends its first season with a title that is chilling for anyone who knows more than just the basics of the Superman mythos: “The Phantom Zone.”

Krypton: Hope

The penultimate episode of Krypton’s first episode is “Hope.” Considering how things are going, I’m not sure how much of that they have at this point, but good to keep a positive attitude, I guess.

Krypton: Word of Rao

Things are getting worse for Seg-El and his band of scruffy miscreants, as Krypton’s first season continues with us hearing from “The Word of Rao.”

Krypton: Pilot

Superman was the first comic book superhero. Without him, the entire industry doesn’t exist. He is the start, the root, of all the comics, novels, games, tv shows, and movies.

Batman #37 review: Double Date

Not to long ago, Batman asked Catwoman to marry him, thus finally “catching up with” the continuity from decades ago, when the Golden Age characters married, eventually producing Helena Wayne, the Huntress, as their daughter.


DC Comics New Talent Showcase

DC Comics has issued their newest “New Talent Showcase.” Since it’s a series of different short stories, I’m going to change my normal review format a bit. As with any collection, it varied a bit, but overall impressed me.


Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie review

I’ve been a comic book, and general hero, fan my entire life as far back as I go. As a rule, I’m more of a DC fan than Marvel, or at least that was true until the DC reboot several years ago. I’m also a big fan of movies. Give me a dark room, a big screen, and some popcorn and I’m a happy guy. I say all this as background to try and get across what a big thing it was for me to NOT see Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in the theater. It was the first time two of the most famous comic book heroes out there shared the big screen, and I just couldn’t bring myself to see it after Man of Steel. I’m not going to rehash the Man of Steel controversy here. I will say, and most have agreed, that it was the most divisive comic book movie ever made. For me, on the heels of such dismal products as Green Lantern, Jonah Hex (how do you screw up a cowboy movie??), and Dark Knight Rises, I didn’t like where they went with Man of Steel. Everything I saw suggested that Dawn of Justice would continue that, so I decided to not give them my money. For me, I made the right choice.