Earth Prime 6: Hero’s Twilight

With the future of the Arrowverse in doubt, fans of the shows and shared universe need to potentially explore other ways to enjoy the characters. The Earth Prime series is a possible way to go, comic book adaptations of the shows that are, themselves, based on comic books. Issue six, as I predicted at the start, features a major team up of most of the characters we’ve seen in the issues before this one. “Hero’s Twilight” concludes the limited series, and I hope is just the start of things to come.

Most of the story is in Central City in 2049, home era of Impulse and XS. The big threat we’ve been seeing throughout the series attacks, and he brought allies. The villain choice is interesting, as he’s a character with some ties to an old DC Comics team. XS and Impulse find some allies and there’s a major fight as heroes from across the Arrowverse pitch in. There are also some surprises about some that choose not to fight, and others that just aren’t included.

As the main story ends, we see heroes triumphant, villains defeated, a few more familiar faces and locations, and some hints of more stories to be told. We also see one of the powers behind the scenes in this series, and it’s a nice callback to a prior major event. The backup story is set in 2022, and deals with one of the popular characters from an Arrowverse series that left a while ago, another supporting character, and recent addition to the cast. Interestingly, the backup story sets up a new threat that we’re told will be continued in Flash Season 9.

What I Liked: It was great to see the heroes come together. It felt a little like the big Arrowverse crossovers they’ve done in the past. The reveal at the end about who was behind the heroes being manipulated into place was a really nice callback. The villain choice was interesting. The backup story showed one of my personal favorite characters, and combined some past and present stories. I’m intrigued that this story will be continued on the tv show.

What I Didn’t: I don’t get why one of the characters declined to come help. There was no good explanation for this. Similarly, another just didn’t appear until after the fight, and it seemed out of character for both of them. Another character was excluded, and I get why if they’re trying to not really change the continuity of the shows, but it would have been nice to find a way to work them in. I also don’t think that title is right; shouldn’t it be “Heroes Twilight”?

I really enjoyed this series, and hope they do more Arrowverse comics. I’ll give this final issue a 3.5 out of 5, and the series a 4 out of 5. If we’re lucky, more will be coming.